How long does fentanyl stay in your system?

Fentanyl is used as a painkiller but it is used in extreme circumstances when the pain is immense and continuous and when the pain cannot be cure for a long period of time. Needless to say, when you’re on fentanyl it is not because of your choice but rather because of the need of fentanyl.

Many of the doctors do prescribe fentanyl is a painkiller in extreme situations. As with any drug, it has a life in your body and till time period has not passed that drug can be detected in your body and same is the case with fentanyl.

Fentanyl is only used in cases where the pain is prolonged and is continuous and therefore in most of the cases if your doctor prescribes you fentanyl, that would mean that you would have to take the prescribed dosage for the time period for which the doctor has advised you to.

Since you are continuously on fentanyl, it becomes difficult to understand that after the last to dose till how much time would fentanyl be present in your system. We have found the answer to the time period for which fentanyl would be present in your system.

How long does fentanyl stay in your system?

If you look into the half life of fentanyl, it is up to 7 hours. That means that in the urine test it would be present for up to 48 hours and after 48 hours it would not be detected through the urine test. If you’re detecting it through the blood is then it would be present for up to 12-16 hours. If you’re speaking about the saliva test then it would be lasting again for 48 hours. The problem arises when you are asked for a hair follicle test in which it can last up to 90 days under certain circumstances.

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 This is due to the way in which hair follicle test works and you can find out more about it in our article,  how far back does a hair follicle test go?

If you’re taking fentanyl on a prescription, then even if it is detected in any of the test you can directly present your prescription and there would be no problem.

Factors affecting the presence of fentanyl in your system:

As with any drug the time duration for which the drug is present in the system depends on the individual itself. Some of the aspects which have a direct impact on the presence of fentanyl in your system are the metabolic rate which you are having and the physical activity which you are having and your physical appearance like the height as well as the weight along with the amount of water which you are drinking on a daily basis. Your health conditions also have a direct impact on the presence of fentanyl in your system.

How is fentanyl used?

How long does fentanyl stay in your systemFentanyl is normally used in the form of patches and also it can interfere with other type of medicines as well and therefore it is important that you look into the other medicines which you are taking and once you have looked into these you need to ask your doctor whether you need to modify the dosage of any other kind of medicine so that it does not interfere with the fact of fentanyl.

You need to understand that fentanyl cannot be used like a normal painkiller it is used for continuous prolonged pain like in the situation of chemotherapy when you are suffering from cancer. It is not used on a occasional basis.

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Whenever the doctor prescribes you fentanyl, the doctor would be prescribing you are longer term dosage and not just a short term dosage of fentanyl. That is because for the time period in which you would be suffering from the pain fentanyl would help you in staying insulated from the pain.

Fentanyl helps the brain in understanding the pain in a different way so that the sensation of the pain is automatically minimised.

Normally speaking, when you 1st start taking fentanyl the effect would only be visible after about 24 hours after you have taken the 1st dosage. Depending on the dosage which your doctor has prescribed you it might take even longer and therefore you need to ensure that you are regularly taking fentanyl whenever it is prescribed to you.

You should not be breaking the dosage of fentanyl because even if you break a single doses of fentanyl the pain would come back and affect you again.

Whenever you’re using the fentanyl patch, it is important that you apply it to the part of the skin which does not have any kind of inflamed skin or cuts or any other type of wounds and also if possible you need to apply to a part of the skin which does not have any kind of hair and also it should be completely dry.

If you have hair on the part of the skin where you need to apply the patch, then you 1st need to trim the hair and once you have trimmed of the hair then only it would be possible for you to apply the fentanyl patch.

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When you’re applying the fentanyl patch you need to make sure that the area of the skin in which you are applying the fentanyl patches not having any kind of deodorant or so or any other kind of lotions or creams. It should be completely dry and clean.

The frequency of the usage of the patch would always be dependent on the prescription which has been given by the doctor and therefore you need to ask the doctor about the usage of the patch and the charging of the patch and after that you can use the patch as and when you want according to the prescription.

So, fentanyl can easily stay up to 48 hours in your system and can be detected by various tests as well, as we have mentioned above and therefore if you want to clear your test after taking fentanyl then you had to keep the desired gap between the consumption of fentanyl and the respective type of test but if you’re taking fentanyl on prescription then you need not worry about anything because even if it is detected in the test then you can present your prescription and you would be able to get away from any kind of trouble.