How long does a tetanus shot last?

Right since our childhood there are a lot of vaccinations which are administered to us to ensure that we are immune to certain diseases. One of the most popular type of vaccinations which is actually very much necessary is known as tetanus.

During our lifetime, we have to take the tetanus vaccination quite a number of times. During the childhood itself it is taken multiple times.

Tetanus vaccination is taken to ensure that we are immune to an infection which is caused by the way of a wound. When a certain specific bacteria known as tetani bacteria, enters our body through the wound, it causes a very serious infection which can later on become so severe that you would have to amputee that part of the body. That is why, in order to make our body immune to this infection, the tetanus vaccination is used.

The tetanus vaccination is one of the oldest vaccinations known to us and it has been in use since 1900s. Since then, the actual drug in the tetanus vaccination has been evolving continuously to make our body immune to other diseases as well and this brings us to the question how long does a tetanus shot last because if the drug has evolved then that would mean that the time frame for it would last would be evolving as well.

How long does a tetanus shot last?

In an adult, a single tetanus short can be lasting for up to 10 years. However, in case of an injury specially which involves any kind of metal, doctors recommend tetanus injections at that very point of time to avoid the infection of tetanus. The tetanus vaccination works in the same way as other vaccinations and you can look into the working of the vaccinations on our page how does a vaccine work.

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The first shot of tetanus is given to the child right after birth during the first round of vaccination. The second shot of tetanus is given around the 18 months mark and the third shot of tetanus is given around the 4 years mark and therefore in the childhood itself, the child is immune to the tetanus infection.

Since the tetanus vaccination would only be lasting for up to 10 years, it is imperative that after a period of 10 years that is around the 14 years mark, you take the tetanus injection again and after that at the interval of 10 years you repeat the tetanus injection so that you are able to remain immune to the tetanus infection. This would ensure that your immune system is strong against the tetanus infection.

Symptoms of tetanus infection:

Tetanus is more popularly aka lockjaw. There are very distinct symptoms of tetanus infection when it has been caused by a wound. The first symptom is the pain in the muscles around the wound as the bacteria would be entering those muscles first and then going to other parts of the body. Once the bacteria starts spreading, you can suffer from swelling and fever as well.

How long does a tetanus shot lastThe problem is that most of the people do not keep a track of their tetanus vaccination or any other type of vaccination and therefore they cannot exactly remember when was the tetanus vaccination was last administered and if you are confused and do not know the date about the administration of the tetanus vaccination then you can take a tetanus vaccination now and it would not have any side effects and in turn would make you immune to the tetanus infection.

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The tetanus vaccinations which are taken at an interval of 10 years, would keep on boosting your immune system and would help your immune system in recognising the tetani bacteria and eliminating it, in case it enters your body.

Side effects of the tetanus vaccination:

As we mentioned above, the tetanus vaccination has been in use for quite some period of time and therefore it is rarely having any side effects but in the very rare cases when the tetanus vaccination is having some side effects, you would be suffering from muscle pain and swelling of the skin.

This would happen only when you have an allergic reaction to the drug which is present in the tetanus vaccination. If you’re suffering from any of these side effects, then it might be a good idea to contact your physician because the side effects do not usually and it means that something is wrong somewhere or you have an allergic reaction to that particular drug.

Modern form of tetanus vaccination:

These days tetanus vaccination contains another drug as well which helps you in getting rid of whooping cough and diphtheria and therefore it’s also having multiple purpose and protects you against the other common diseases as well. That is why, it is first administered when the child is born so that the child is immune to all of the diseases which we have mentioned above.

It is always a good idea to keep a track of your vaccination so that you do not miss the immunisation link, if you have to repeat that vaccination after certain specific period of time.

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In adult life, might get scratches or wounds or injuries from a lot of different objects but if a metal is involved then a tetanus vaccination is a must and your doctor would be prescribing it to you as well. You should not be taking it lightly because when you’re not immune to the bacteria, it can cause serious damage to the organ in which the wound is caused.

So, the tetanus shot can last for a period of 10 years in adults and it is important to boost your immune system again after an interval of 10 years with another short of tetanus vaccination so that you are completely immune to the tetani bacteria and in case of a wound or an injury, this bacteria is not able to cause any harm in your body.