How long can alcohol be detected in urine?

We all are worried from time to time that we may test positive for alcohol presence in our body. Many companies are regularly and randomly testing their employees in order to detect the levels of alcohol and drugs in their system. This brings us to the very important question which is for how long are traces of alcohol present in your urine.

Many a times when you are consuming alcohol and there is a test to be done in recent time, people are often confused regarding whether they would be testing positive or negative. This post on BrightMags, would help you in understanding for how long alcohol can be detected in urine.

We have taken into account the normal urine testing methods often used by the agencies as well as corporate houses, to determine for how much time alcohol can be detect in urine.

How long can alcohol be detected in urine?

The answer to that is up to 80 hours after the drinking of alcohol. A lot also depends on the amount of alcohol which you have consumed as well.
Why 80 hours?
How long can alcohol be detected in urineWhen you drink alcohol, ETG is the metabolic product of the alcohol which is produced in your body and when a urine test is conducted, the presence of ETG is checked in urine. Its presence in our body can stay for up to 80 hours and that is why, alcohol is detectable for up to 80 hours.

This metabolic product is present in our body only when you we have consumed alcohol and it is not present as a product of fermentation and therefore if it is present in your body, then that is a definite indicator that you have been drinking alcohol.

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In which case you should you prohibit completely?

Many of the people asked this question when they do not want to be detected for the presence of alcohol in their body. If the same is the case with you, it would be a good idea to completely prohibit the substance.

If your company conducts random test for alcohol consumption detection, it would be a good idea to prohibit.

If you are on probation, it would again be a good idea to completely let go of alcohol.

There are some misconceptions that if you’re drinking excessive amount of water, the alcohol content can be flushed out of your body but the ETG alcohol test which we are speaking about is much more advanced and it would catch you even if you are trying to flush out the alcohol from your body.

We have detailed the working of this test in one of our other articles and you can look at it to understand the same: ETG test.

Normally speaking, the companies which are regularly conducting the alcohol test look for alcohol content in the blood and if that is the case, the time period for which the alcohol can be detected is less but if they are conducting a urine test, it can be easily detectable for up to 80 hours as well due to the ETG metabolic compound.

What should you do in case you have already drunk alcohol?

Most of the people actually look for the answer to this question when they are seeking the time for which alcohol can be detected.

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There are numerous ways in which you would be able to flush out the alcohol from your body but if the test is done within 24 hours of consuming alcohol, it would be very difficult to flush out out from your body entirely. We have mentioned in an earlier article, what are the steps which you can take in order to flush out alcohol from your system.

Generally speaking, you can reduce the time for which alcohol can stay in your body by increasing the metabolic activity of your body but the metabolic activity would depend on the average rate of metabolism churning in your body and you would be able to accelerate it only by a small amount rather than accelerating it by a significant amount.

1. Drink water:
You might already know this, that is the more water you drink, the easier it would be to flush out the alcohol from your body.

2. Drink juices:
In order to flush it out from the body, you can also drink juices, this would not only keep your body hydrated but it would also ensure that you are able to flush the alcohol out of your body as well.

You need to completely avoid the things which are dehydrating your body because in that case, the presence of alcohol in your body would last for even longer period of time.

With the common acceptance of the ETG test, it is now becoming more and more difficult to fool the alcohol tests because the metabolite which it detects can be easily detected and the results are almost instantaneous as well and therefore providing you with no other option but to completely prohibit the consumption of alcohol.

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What are the ways to avoid these problems?

The best way in order to avoid such a situation is to ensure that you are not even drinking on the weekends because even if you’re drinking on the weekends, you can still be caught at the start of the week if there is a random alcohol test which is to be done.

That is why, it is always a good idea to completely avoid drinking in such a case.

Moreover, you can only think about drinking if you have 3 days from the nearest checkup. If your company can conduct random test and if you have a working day which is prior to 80 hours after the consumption of alcohol, you should think about completely avoiding the consumption in order to ensure that you are able to stay clear.

You need to remember that your career and your family is much more important than just a drink of alcohol and that is why, you have to learn how to prohibit and how to discipline yourself from avoiding alcohol completely in such situations.

So, the answer to your question is up to 80 hours and therefore if you’re positively sure that the next test which can happen for alcohol detection would be more than 80 hours away, you can easily opt for drinking otherwise, it would be a better idea to completely avoid drinking as more advanced tests are available these days, which can easily detect the consumption of alcohol for up to 80 hours after drinking and therefore you can get into trouble as well.