How fast does miralax work?

Constipation is a very common problem but not a lot of people are able to cure constipation because when you’re taking any kind of medication to cure constipation you would find out that most of the medication does not work and therefore you have to be quite selective if you want to ensure that you are able to treat constipation.

One of the medication which is recommended by the doctors to treat constipation is known as miralax.

Since most of the people who are prescribe miralax are already suffering from constipation, they are eager to solve this problem and that is why, they are trying to find out how fast does miralax work?

If you too are having the same question then we have found out the answer for you.

How fast does miralax work?

The normal time duration in which miralax is able to produce the bowel moment is anywhere from 8 hours up to 72 hours. This is when it is used to treat constipation. The dosages which are recommended to treat constipation are actually very small.

Miralax is also used for preparation for another procedure known as colonoscopy. If you want to find out more about colonoscopy you can go to our page how much does a colonoscopy cost?

In order to prepare for the procedure of colonoscopy, the dosage of miralax which is given is very much higher as compared to the dosage which is given while curing constipation. This is to ensure that there is faser bowel moment.

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Usually speaking, the greater dosage results and proper bowel movement in up to 4 hours. That does not mean that in order to cure constipation quickly you can increase the dosage of miralax.

Different procedures and different treatments require different dosages and you should always be going according to the dosage which has been recommended by your doctor.

How does miralax work?

How fast does miralax workIf you’re taking miralax then you might be intrigued by the question that how does miralax work? The answer to this question is that miralax traps the water content inside the stool so that it becomes soft and the bowel movement increases due to this effect.

Prescription is not generally necessary for this type of medication but in order to determine the dosage of this medication you either have to contact your doctor or you have to check out the instructions which are given on the package of miralax.

You can also ask the pharmacist about the dosage which you should be taking. If you’re taking it as self-medication there is always a risk involved that you might end up consuming a higher dosage and therefore it is best to consult a doctor before taking miralax.

Are there any side effects of miralax?

When the dosage which you have taken for miralax is greater than the normal doses then you can suffer from side effects like nausea or stomach pain or gas in the stomach. The symptoms are usually for a shorter period of time and if the symptoms continue for a longer period of time then you might be required to speak to your doctor.

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If you’re taking miralax because your doctor has recommended it to you then your doctor would have surely considered the side effects and the benefits of taking miralax as well and then only would have decided to recommend you miralax and therefore there is nothing to worry about. In very rare cases, it has been seen that it can cause an allergic reaction as well but this is very rare but in case such a situation occurs you should be contacting your doctor immediately.

How to enhance the effect of miralax?

As we mentioned above, miralax is actually used to cure constipation and in order to enhance the effect of miralax you can use a stool softener along with it. This would ensure that the bowel movement is accelarated. Once you start experiencing normal bowel movement you can reduce the dosage of miralax and you can reduce the dosage of stool softener as well.

Miralax can be a great way to cure constipation only if you’re ready to use it and proper quantities. Excessive quantities of anything can result in side effects and it is the same with miralax as well and that is why, when you’re speaking about miralax to solve the problem of constipation you need to always take the proper dosage.

When you’re taking miralax it is generally a good idea to keep your body hydrated so that miralax is able to absorb the water from your colon and make your stools softer. This would help it in solving the problem of constipation at a faster pace. Keeping your body hydrated and having enough quantity of fiber in your diet would always help you in solving the problem of constipation.

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It is important to note that when the problem of constipation get solved you have to drastically cut back on the dosage of miralax. If your doctor has recommended you miralax, then you have to let them know that the problem of constipation has been sold and therefore they would advise you to cut back on the dosage as well.

In numerous cases, it has been seen that the initial dosage of miralax was not sufficient to cure constipation and therefore the problem persisted but if that is your case as well then it might be a good idea to increase the dosage what you can only do this with the recommendation of your doctor. Once miralax starts showing its effect you would know immediately from the bowel moment and then you can bring the dosage back down to normal.

So, miralax can work in a time period of 12 hours to 72 hours depending on the dosage and the extent of problem and the cause of the problem and in most of the cases it brings pretty quick results of the dosage is proper.