How far back does a hair follicle test go?

Drug tests are pretty common these days whether it is for employment or whether it is for some other kind of purpose.

Most of the people are actually pretty confused when they are asked for the reports offer hair follicle test.

Most of the people have no idea regarding how far back that drug consumption can be detected when you’re speaking about the hair follicle test.

Some people say that even a single instance of usage of drugs can be detected in the hair follicle test whereas some others say that only chronic drug usage can be detected.

What is the truth about hair follicle test? What can it detect and how far back can it detect? We have looked at all up for you and found out the answers for you.

How far back does a hair follicle test go?

Hair follicle test is one of the tests which goes much further back in comparison with the other types of drug testing like urine drug testing. The reason that hair is used for drug testing is because when you’re consuming the drug is they going to the hair follicle and then they propagate to the hair where they can stay for a pretty long period of time and in certain cases for ever as well.

It all depends on the length of the hair which you are having currently because a normal human hair grows at the rate of half inch per month and therefore if you are having hair which is 20 inches long and you are subjecting it to hair follicle test then even the drug consumption which is done more than three years ago would also be detected by that hair follicle test.

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That is the reason that the hair follicle test is considered one of the more accurate type of drug tests as compared to other options.

In actual practice, the end of the hair is not tested but rather the root of the hair, at least 1.5 inches of the route. Only in police testing you would find out that the end of the hair is also tested. By our were about calculation of our finds growth in a month, it means that most of the hair follicle test monitor the drug usage over a period of three months.

So, the answer to the above question is that hair follicle tests normally go back for a period of 3 months.

Which type of drugs can be detected in the hair follicle test?

In order to understand about the various types of drugs which can be detected by the hair follicle test first you have to understand about the different types of hair follicle test because it would be dependent on these tests which type of drug can be detected and which type of drug cannot be detected.

-The first option is the 5 panel hair follicle drug test.
-The second option is the 5 panel hair follicle drug test with expanded opiates.
-The 9 panel hair follicle drug test is the next option.
-This is followed by the 12 panel hair follicle drug test.
-The hair alcohol test is also an option for drug testing.

Hair follicle testing on body hair:

Many people are bald and for those people in order to get the hair follicle testing then they had to use the body hair and therefore the question arises whether the body hair is capable of showing signs of drug consumption done far back.

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If you’re speaking about the body hair for hair follicle testing then you can only choose between the underarm hair or the hair on the chest or the hair on the leg. These are the only types of hair which can be tested when it comes to body hair follicle drug test.

Since these hair are on different parts of the body the general question which arises is whether they also grow at the same rate or whether the rate of growth is different in this type of hair.

With that being said the answer to the above question is that the body hair as well as the hair on the head grows at the same .

The only difference is that after achieving a certain height of growth, the body hair stops growing. Then this hair is replaced by the new strands of hair which grows from below. This is how the hair fall actually occurs.

When the hair is stop the growing there would be no new drug proof which can be deposited in the hair but technically that also means that if you get the drug testing done at the wrong period of time with the body hair then the traces of drugs can go more back as compared to the 90 days but not by lot of amount but only by a few days.

That means that whenever you are using the body had to do the hair follicle testing then you can assume that it can be for a bit more far back. You can assume that it is up to 4 months instead of the 3 months. The chances of this happening are slim and only up to 20%.

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This is just from the basic assumption of the rate of growth of body hair but there have been no clinical studies which are proven that the body hair can reveal that drug traces from more than 3 months back.

That means that in the general case you can assume that the drug traces which would be revealed by the hair follicle test would be up to a maximum of three months.

Exceptions to the hair follicle test:

There have been some cases where people who shave their entire body are recommended hair follicle drug test, but if you’re shaving your entire body then there is no way that you can undergo a hair follicle drug test.

Instead of being overly worried about the hair follicle drug test because you have taken some drugs far back, more back then three months, you should not be worrying because you can safely assume that the hair follicle drug test shows the traces of drugs only up to a period of three months.

If you have consumed drugs before this period then they would not be showing up in the hair follicle drug test.