How does the cloud work?

The technology industry is changing at the speed of light and therefore it comes as no surprise that every few years there is a new type of technology which is dominant and which is providing better services to the customers then the past technology. One such technology which has grown tremendously during the last few years is the cloud computing technology or simply referred to as the cloud. Most of the people who do not have a technical background, might never be able to understand what is being referred to as the cloud.

The concept of cloud computing is fast gaining popularity whether you are using a normal app in your phone or whether you are using software as a service and therefore whichever type of technology you are using these days, there are very high chances that it would be containing some or the other form of cloud computing.

In basic terms, cloud computing refers to the software or applications being stored over the Internet and easily accessible through the Internet and therefore instead of using your own hardware to host these services or software, you would be just accessing them over the Internet instead of installing them. There are a lot of different services which come under the ambit of cloud computing and therefore you have to know the difference between the services in order to understand how cloud computing works.

How does the cloud work?

The cloud computing uses the hardware which is located in a particular data center but is accessible easily through the Internet and there is a easy graphic user interface which is made in the form of the application or a website through which you can access the software quite easily.

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How does the cloud workThe main advantage in this is that you do not have to utilize your own hardware and you can access the software from anywhere in the world as long as you are having a proper Internet connection.

Another advantage of cloud computing is that it can is drastically reduce your business cost because the same software which is being provided to you would be provided by the software creator to a number of other businesses as well and therefore the cost would be divided among these businesses as well and thus making the software much more affordable for everyone.

A cloud can simply refer to a space to store files and folders or it can be much more complex like an application as well and therefore, on the cloud platform, you can create whichever software or service you want to provide to your customers and then make it easily accessible to your customers.

Is cloud computing secure?

This is in fact the biggest advantage of cloud computing because a normal computer is not that much secure since it can be attacked by viruses and Trojan but when you’re speaking about cloud computing, multilayer security can be provided to the main hardware which is accessible to different users and therefore since the security is to be provided to a single hardware, more layers of security can be added at a very affordable cost and thus making the security of the cloud computing much more robust as compared to individual computers.

The software creator can easily limit the access of the users to the main hardware over the Internet as well thus making it much more secure.

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What are the advantages of cloud computing?

-The first advantage of cloud computing is that you get portable software which you can access from anywhere in the world. You do not have to carry it with yourself in your laptop or in your hard disk because you have to just log in on the cloud computing platform and you would be able to easily access that software.

-The latest software can be easily accessible and you do not have to do the upgrades and other advancements yourself because it would be automatically done in the main hardware and whenever you log in next time to the cloud computing platform, it would be reflecting the latest version of the software.

-Due to the vast usage of cloud computing, it has become much more affordable than a normal software which you would be buying for your machine and therefore businesses can save a lot of their cost by shifting to cloud computing instead of buying different software and installing on their machines.

-As we said above, security is one of the main advantages of cloud computing as it is much more easier to secure a single hardware instead of securing each and every machine on which the software is running.

-In a single organisation, if multiple people require access to a software then instead of installing the software on their own machines or buying separate copies of software, you can have that option inculcated in the cloud computing platform which you are using for a fraction of the cost and thus enabling everyone to access the software through their machine by spending a relatively lesser amount of money.

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With the speed of the Internet increasing, cloud computing is set to become the choice of most businesses because it becomes much more easier to access the applications and software which they need over the Internet rather than installing each and everything on their machine as that would increase the hardware requirement which you would be requiring in your machine.

With the advancement in Saas services, it is obvious that more and more vendors as well software users are going to move in to the cloud platform instead of the traditional installation model.

So, now that you know how cloud works and what benefits it has, you can make a decision regarding whether you want to use cloud computing for your business or not. Certainly, more and more businesses over the years have moved on to cloud computing to reduce their cost and to provide them with the seamless interface for using the software which they want at a much more affordable cost.