How does photosynthesis work?

We all heard that in order to save the planet and in order to reduce the heat and to make the entire atmosphere cooler and to increase the rain we need to plant trees and saplings but have you ever wondered what do the trees and saplings actually do to alter the environment in which we are living in to increase the rainfall?

In a nutshell, trees and plants actually release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide thus freeing up our atmosphere from the dangerous carbon dioxide which heats up the environment.

If you knew about this then you might have wondered that since most of the humans actually find oxygen useful for breathing and exhale out carbon dioxide how do plants inhale carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

This is due to the process of photosynthesis which allows the plants to develop their own food with the help of sunlight.

How does photosynthesis work?

The leaves of the plant consist of a material which is called chlorophyll which facilitates the process of photosynthesis.

The colour of any material or any kind of thing is dependent on the wavelength of the light which it reflects back.

For example, the wood reflects back the brown wavelength of the light and therefore it is brown in colour whereas it absorbs all other wavelengths of light and therefore it appears is brown in colour.

Similarly, chlorophyll absorbs all other wavelengths of light and just reflects back green wavelength of light and therefore the leaves of the tree appear green in colour.

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The cells in the leaves consist of chloroplasts in which the process of photosynthesis actually takes place.

There are quite a few ingredients which are required for the process of photosynthesis to happen and each of this ingredient actually comes from a different source.
The basic ingredient which is needed is water which is absorbed by the roots of the trees and the plants and this water is passed through the Xylem cells which are present inside the trunk of the tree or inside the branches of the plant. This brings in one of the ingredients of photosynthesis.

The next ingredient is light and this is absorbed by the leaves. After the process of photosynthesis the oxygen which is to be released back into the atmosphere is released with the help of these cells only that is through stomata. This sunlight which is collected with the help of the cells is absorbed by the chlorophyll and is stored in the chloroplasts where the actual process of photosynthesis takes place.

The carbon dioxide which is needed for the process is also absorbed by stomata. Thus you can say that the stomata ourselves actually work like the lungs of the plants in the trees. Thus all the ingredients which are now required for the process of photosynthesis are available in the chloroplast of the plant.


Photosynthesis equation 2

During the photosynthesis reaction there is production of hydrogen and oxygen separately from water as well as from the carbon dioxide and the hydrogen is combined with carbon dioxide to prepare food for the plant which can be used at later stages by the plants where is the oxygen which is generated is released by the plants with the help of the stomata ourselves.

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Two other chemicals are also generated which are known as adenosine triphosphate and nictine adenine dinucleotide phosphate. The first one is used in the second stage of the photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide to glucose because it consists of a compound which is required to convert carbon dioxide into glucose. This glucose is the Ford for the plant and with the help of the photosynthesis reaction the fort for the plant is prepared.

In this entire reaction of photos and this is the chlorophyll was used to absorb the light and it is one of the main ingredients for the initiation of the entire reaction of photosynthesis and therefore chlorophyll plays a very important role during the entire process of photosynthesis.
Benefits of photosynthesis:

The byproduct which is released into the atmosphere is oxygen and thus the plants and the trees actually recycle the environment by consuming carbon dioxide which is harmful for human beings and other living beings and release oxygen into the environment which balances out the politician which is created by the human beings.

Due to this release of oxygen the governments all over the world and the various environment -related organisations all over the world are advising us to plant more and more trees so that more and more oxygen can be released into the atmosphere.

The carbon dioxide which is currently being released into the atmosphere is in far greater quantities as compared to the oxygen which is being released by the plants and the trees because the number of plants and the trees is continuously decreasing due to the large-scale deforestation and that is why it is the need of the hour for us to keep on planting trees and saplings to ensure that the amount of oxygen in our atmosphere keeps on increasing.

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If we keep on increasing the number of trees which are releasing oxygen into the atmosphere then you can be sure that the heat of the atmosphere as well as the changing climate which you have currently every year would also stabilise and therefore we would have the same kind of seasons back again and a stable weather as well.

This is the reason that plants and trees play a very important role in our environment and in saving our planet by the by products which they release in the form of oxygen with the help of the process of photosynthesis and that is why they are such an important part of our ecological system.