How does induction cooking work?

The way of cooking might have changed every few decades since it has been invented, but cooking has been around for centuries and that is what has been feuding you months.

Earlier it was just in the form of heating the meat or the vegetables with the fire but since then it has evolved a lot and these days we have proper scientific instruments in the form of induction cooker or gas burners or microwave ovens to cook our food.

The latest way which is being quite popular in cooking the food is the use of the induction cooking. This ensures that you get the same speed of microwave but it is more efficient and it is more versatile as well.

In the microwave, the microwave oven used to act as the source of heat and use to cook whatever is placed inside it. In induction cooking, the bands which you place on the induction cooker are turned into the source of heat and therefore the energy which is needed for cooking the food is reduced drastically.

This is why the induction cookers are so much more efficient and save a lot of time as well. We would be going into the details of the working of the induction cooking to help you understand how they are better and whether you should be opting for induction cookers are whether you should be opting for some other option of cooking.

How does induction cooking work?

induction cooking principle

If you look at the induction cooker, you would realise that on top of it is a glass top and side which is a metal coil. Whenever you turn on the induction cooker, the current flows through the metal coil and therefore since the alternating current which is present in our home is flowing through the metal coil has positive cycles as well as negative cycles that means that the current which is flowing through the metal coil is always changing and you to this changing current, the magnetic field is produced in the vicinity of the coil and since the magnitude of the current is changing, the magnitude of the magnetic field would also be changing.

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induction cooking working principle

When you place a ban which is suitable for induction cooking on top of the cook top of the induction cooker the magnetic field which is in the vicinity of the induction cooktop would flow through the metal pan as well.

The metal pan architecture does not allow for it to become a proper electrical circuit because it does not have the shortest path and neither does it have a proper flow to due to the metallic architecture.

That is why, when the current is induced in the metallic pen due to the magnetic field, it is not able to flow properly and therefore it dissipates heat wire the surface of the metal pan and this heat is used to cook the food.

This is how the induction cooking works in simple terms.

Advantages of induction cooking:

induction cooking-Efficiency: as we have mentioned above, since the cooking is done pretty fast and also the magnetic field is present in just around the vicinity of the induction cooker, the energy which is required, the food is very less and therefore you to the less requirement of energy induction cooking is much more efficient as compared to any other type of cooking.

The energy which is produced by the induction cooking is directed right towards the food without dissipating in any other direction and that is where they efficiency is so high.

-Speed: As the amount of heat energy which is produced is directly directed towards the food, the food gets cooked pretty quickly because it receives a significant amount of heat.

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That is why, the speed which is required for the cooking to take place is on the lower side because there is no wastage of heat and it is directly directed towards the food.

-Control: you get much more control in the induction cooker because you can precisely control the temperature instead of having to worry about that the flame would get eliminated like in the case of the gas burners. This provides you with proper temperature control for cooking various dishes.

-Convenience: Since the induction cooking method is fast and also the amount of energy which is required is also less it is much more convenient and also in order to clean it you just have to wipe it clean when it is cooled down and since the induction cooktop does not heat up you can start cleaning it after a while after you stop the cooking but you had to always ensure just for the security sake that you are making sure that it is cooled when you’re cleaning it.

-Less space: If you notice the induction cookers then you would have already realise that the amountwhich is acquired by them in the kitchen is very low especially compared to the gas burners and therefore this is another advantage which you have whenever you are speaking about the induction cookers.

Disadvantages of induction cooking:

-Cost: If you noticed the cost of the induction cooktop then you would realise that it is much more expensive as compared to the gas burners but slowly and steadily due to the advancement in the technology which is being used in the induction cooking, the cost of the induction cooker is coming down.

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-Special pans and pots: The type of pans and pots which is required for induction cooking is much different than the normal ones and therefore when you’re opting for induction cooking you would have to spend on these pans and pots as well in order to ensure that you are able to cook properly and that the vessel is able to handle the temperature which is inside it and is able to convert the electric current which is present inside the pain into heat energy.

So, if you want precise control over your cooking and if you want to reduce the time which is required for cooking then the induction cooktops are the best option which you have got and you should definitely be going for induction cooking.