How does cancer kill you?

Cancer is a disease which is spreading pretty fast but many people still do not know about cancer, still do not know what it actually does.

If you look at the word cancer, you might be thinking that it is a certain type of disease but this is not true but rather cancer is actually a collection of ailments which occur in a similar fashion, that is by cells growing uncontrollably in that particular part of the body. That is why, there are so many different types of cancer named after the parts of the body in which they can occur.

Cancer is basically caused, when there is uncontrollable cell growth in a certain part of the body and eventually the cell growth continues to such a high level that the cancer cells become much more in that particular part of the body then the actual normal cells and that is when that particular part of the body stops functioning.

This is the most basic way in which the cancer works but the question which remains in the mind of many people’s how does cancer kill you? We would be finding out the answer to this question and explaining below.

How does cancer kill you?

The normal cells in our body keep on growing and replacing the older cells and thereby enabling the organs in which they are growing to carry out with normal function.

This process of replacement and growing of normal cells is done in a proper fashion and is done an orderly fashion but when you’re speaking about cancer, the cells keep on growing bigger and bigger and they do not die as well and therefore as the number of cells keep on growing, the requirement of the cells for the nutrition as well as for the oxygen also keeps on growing but the nutrients which are present in our body and the oxygen which is present in our body is limited and therefore the cancerous cells in that particular organ of the body consume all the nutrients and the oxygen which is intended for the healthy cells of that particular organ of our body.

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When the cells of that particular organ do not get proper nutrients and proper oxygen they are not able to carry out their intended function and therefore that particular organ fails. In most of the cases, if the cancer is occurring in the part of the body which is vital for well-being of the body and proper functioning of the body, then unless and until it is not diagnosed at an earlier stage and treated at an earlier stage, it can prove to be fatal as well.

Some of the cancer cells can migrate to other parts of the body as well and therefore they can cause cancer in other parts of the body as well and that is when the stage of cancer actually becomes more dangerous as multiple parts of your body are susceptible to suffering from cancer.

How do cancer cells spread?

-Direct growth: This is the most common way for the cancer cells to spread because if cancer is occurring in a certain organ of your body then it would be adjacent to at least some other organ of your body and when that happens, cancer cells can easily spread to the adjacent organs as well.

How does cancer kill you-Spreading through Lymph: As the name suggests, in this migration, the cancer cells spread through the lymph.

-Spreading through the blood vessels: In this form of migration, the cancer cells spread through the blood vessels and since the blood in the blood vessels can reach any part of our body, the cancer cells can also reach any part of our body making it a very dangerous migration and opening up all parts of the body for the cancerous cells.

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How to treat cancer?

The collection of cancerous cells is known as tumor. When this tumor is detected, this tumor can be removed or can be destroyed with the help of chemotherapy as well. These are 2 of the most common treatments for cancer. In both of these treatments it is important to detect the cancer at the earlier stages so that the tumor is not very big and also so that the cells can be easily destroyed with the help of chemotherapy as well.

If you’re going for a surgery to remove the tumor, there are no side effects as such but choice of the surgery over the other treatment depends on the part of the body in which you are suffering from cancer.

On the other hand if you’re thinking about going for chemotherapy, then the problem in chemotherapy is that the radiations which are used in chemotherapy can easily destroy the healthy cells in that particular organ as well and therefore in co-lateral damage you can you lose a lot of healthy cells as well which would make you immensely weak.

How to detect cancer at an early stage?

The treatment of cancer widely depends on the stage at which it is detected because if you detect it at a much later stage then the chances of survival are pretty slim but on the other hand if you detected at a much earlier stage than you can easily detect cancer in the earlier stages.

You need to routinely go for examinations at least once in a couple of years to detect cancer and if you are continuing with this, then you would be more likely to detect the presence of cancer in the initial stages.

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Also, if you’re detecting any kind of swelling or lump in any particular part of the body, then you need to get it examined to ensure that it is not a tumor of cancer and you can read more about recognizing cancer lumps/moles on our page how to tell if a mole is cancerous.

If there are any abnormalities in your body then it is important to get them checked from time to time to ensure that they are not turning into cancer.

So, as you might have read above, cancer actually kills us by taking up the nutrition and the oxygen of the organs in which it is occurring in turn making those organs fail so that the body is not able to function properly.