How does caffeine work?

We all love caffeine drink whether it is coffee or whether it is energy drink, but it is being used all over the world because people think that it would help them in working longer and working more harder. While most of them people are under the impression that when they are having coffee they are actually energising of their body to work more and that is why they are feeling less tired but this is far away from the truth. In order to understand the working of caffeine you had to 1st go into the biology of our body and then only you would be able to understand the working of caffeine.

Biology of our body:

In a normal working day, the neurons in our body keep on firing. When these neurons fire a chemical is released in the body which is known as adenosine and as the neurons continue to fire because we are working throughout the day more and more adenosine is released in the body. The neurological system continuously monitors the adenosine levels in our body to send signals to the brain regarding the tiredness of the body and to indicate to the brain that the body needs rest. There are receptors in our body which are used to detect the level of adenosine.

Working of caffeine:

Now if you’re thinking that caffeine is able to reduce the amount of adenosine in our body is able to make our body less tired then you are completely wrong. What caffeine actually does is that it impersonates adenosine and enters into the receptors which are present in our body for the detection of adenosine and since it is not adenosine actually it does not trigger the receptors. In the process, it blocks the receptors so that the receptors cannot detect adenosine which is present in our body. Once these receptors are not the receptors cannot detect whether your body needs rest are not and therefore your brain is not getting that signal that your body needs rest. In the absence of such signals the chemicals which are present in your brain like dopamine and glutamate are not obstructed.

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You can understand with the help of the example of a car. Most of the people think that caffeine is like the fuel which you put into the tanks of the car but it is not like the fuel but rather caffeine is like a solution which blocks the brakes of the car so that you cannot stop the car and the car keeps on moving

Most of the people think that caffeine helps them and working as well but the truth is that it can only help you in working if you are continuously doing the tedious and repetitive task but if you’re looking to something creative than caffeine would not be able to help you.

Which are the products which have caffeine in them?

caffeine products

The most common form in which caffeine is accessible to us is in the form of the coffee. These are not just the only options which you have got caffeine because most of the energy drinks as well as the as well as soda also contain caffeine.

Is caffeine harmful for you?


The problem with any drink containing caffeine is that at the start it might provide you with the extra drive to go harder but over a period of time your body resist caffeine and therefore by drinking simply a cup of coffee, it would not give you the same kind of energy and the same kind of drive. As you go on consuming more and more caffeine drinks, the body builds up a resistance against them and therefore do not have the same effect on your body.

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The life-cycle of caffeine in our bodies around six hours and after which it is not able to have any kind of effect on our body. This changes depending on the medication on which you are and also depending on whether you’re smoking or not. In case you are on oral birth control pills it takes around double the time for the effect of year off but when you’re smoking it takes around half the time of normal to make the effects we are off.

Caffeine also has withdrawal symptoms as well. This is typically around 24 hours after your first use and therefore people who have been drinking coffee since a long period of time are not able to break this habit easily. One of the most common symptoms of withdrawal of caffeine is headache. Other common symptoms of withdrawal of caffeine are nausea, lethargy, depression. These symptoms approximately last for 10 to 12 days after the withdrawal of caffeine.

Health effects of consuming caffeine:

Most of the doctors would realise what are the health effects of consuming caffeine on a regular basis and some of the most common were not cardiac problems and stress and blood pressure problems along with blood sugar problems as well.

Caffeine affects your health in the longer term and the effects are not reversible as well as you have been consuming caffeine for a long period of time. That is why, if you’re addicted to caffeine you have find out how you can limit the usage of caffeine because that is the only way in which you can prolong your life and in which you can ensure that you are not suffering from the problems which are associated with the usage of caffeine in the longer term.

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If you have been consuming caffeine for a long period of time then it might be a wise idea to quit caffeine but in a methodical manner rather than suddenly to avoid suffering from the withdrawal symptoms which we have discussed above.

So, caffeine once in awhile is good enough for our body but addictions should not be built up as it has some serious health implications on our body which after the long term usage of caffeine are irreversible and that is why you had to avoid reaching that stage of caffeine addiction.