How does a refrigerator work?

We all have refrigerators in our but most of us have never thought about how does it actually work. All we know is that it keeps things cool and therefore helps in increasing the life of foodstuffs. In summer, we all like a cool drink are to but we never be attention to the technology which brings us these cool drinks. Whether it is what converted to ice or a drink at room temperature converted to check drink, it all is done with the technology which is present in the refrigerator.

Moving the heat out of the refrigerator:

This is the first step in the working of the refrigerator because if the inside of the refrigerator contains a lot of heat almost the same as the temperature outside then you would never be able to cool the things which are placed inside the refrigerator and that is why the main aim of the refrigerator is to 1st remove the heat which is present in the air inside the refrigerator. The problem with this is that the cannot be seen and therefore you cannot easily just take the heat and remove it. In order to understand the principle of the moving and the heat from the air inside the refrigerator you had to 1st understand about the working of the gases.

In order to understand the working of the cases, you had to 1st look at the example of the bicycle pump and if you ever filled the air into the tire with the bicycle pump then you would realise that the pump actually gets hotter and this is because whenever the air is compressed whenever any other type of gas is compressed it actually increases in temperature. This simple principle plays a very important role in the working of the refrigerator.

When you’re using the bomb you had to put in a lot of effort to pump the air into the tire and this energy is converted into the potential energy in the gases which moved to the tire and the air which is inside the tire is already compressed and at a higher temperature.

When you released this air which is compressed you would realise that the temperature of the air decreases and this is especially evident when you’re using something like aerosol spray. This is the exact opposite working principle in action as we explained above in the example of the bicycle pump and the tire. When the compressed air is given the opportunity to expand it decreases the temperature of the air.

So, in a nutshell, we can say that compressing the air increases its temperature and expanding the air reduces its temperature. So, imagine a pile which is half inside the refrigerator and the other half of the pipe results at the refrigerator but it is a closed loop and does not has any open ends and now let us suppose that we are attaching a bicycle pump to this by. Imagine that the pipe is very small on the outside and it expands in the inside of the refrigerator and therefore by the working principle which we explained above, we can ensure that during the expansion inside the refrigerator the air would down and thereby providing the cooling effect inside the refrigerator whereas when the air comes out due to new air being pumped in by the bicycle pump you would find that the air which is coming out is heated. In this procedure, the heat which is collected inside the refrigerator would be released outside the refrigerator keeping the inside of the refrigerator cold.

This is the most basic working principle of the refrigerator. The exact parts which are in action are plenty and we would be explaining some of them. The expansion valve allows the pipe inside the refrigerator to expannd. The bicycle pump which we talked about in the above example is actually a compressor which is nothing but the electrical pump. The part of the refrigerator which allows the air which comes out to release the heat is known as the condenser and it is a grill which acts like a radiator. The gas which is used in the pipe is a specially made is known as a coolant which works as a cool liquid inside the refrigerator and acts as a hot gas when it comes out. These are some of the important parts in the working of the refrigerator.

How does a refrigerator work?

working of refriegerator

Now that we are familiar with the different parts of the refrigerator let us combine that all together so that we are able to understand the working of the refrigerator.

When the coolant which is being pumped by the compressor passes through the expansion valve it expands due to the large area of the pipe and thereby having a cooling effect.

This coolant now flows through a chamber of pipes which is that the back of the wall of the inside cabinet of the refrigerator and as it flows through the network of pipes it collects the heat from inside the refrigerator.

When it comes out the compressor reduces the area of the pipe and therefore it makes the coolant more compressed as well and this results in the temperature of the coolant, to increase. This makes the coolant high-pressure gas which is high in temperature as well.

Here, the network of pipes which are known as the radiator is common to the play and allow the coolant to release the heat with the help of the radiation.

Due to the closed loop of the cooler now flows again to the expansion valve and the process repeats itself. In this way, the heat is eliminated from the inside of the refrigerator and it is kept cool.

This is the normal working of the refrigerator explained and quite simple terms but this is what helps the refrigerator and keeping our favourite foodstuffs cool and increases their life as well so that we can enjoy them for a longer period of time.

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