How does a hybrid car work?

More than what people are trying to go green these days to protect the environment and have healthy living conditions for the next generation and there are various initiatives which are being taken people in reducing the carbon footprint which they are having.

One such initiative which is actively been taken by a lot of people and which is supported by the big corporate for its as well is to go for the hybrid cars instead of the traditional cards which use the fossil fuels for combustion.

The problem with the traditional cards is that the fossil fuels which are generated by them produce a lot of air pollution and therefore it is impacting the environment. When you’re speaking about the hybrid cars they are powered by a battery which is charged with the help of electricity.

That is why, the use of gasoline is minimised in the scars and the cost of driving these cards also gets reduced because the cost of electricity is not the same as the cost of gasoline which is used to drive the car.

Hybrid cars run on gasoline as well as electricity but since they run a significant amount of their time on electricity the cost of the fuel is also reduced and the coalition which is generated is also reduced.

Many people have a myth that in order to charge the electrical batteries you have to plug in the car to a switch what are some other source of electricity but this is not to. Hybrid cars charge their batteries on their own. You do not have to plug them in, anywhere.

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Batteries of hybrid cars:

As we mentioned above, the batteries do not need to be connected to any switch what to charge them but rather they are continuously getting charged when the car is in motion.

They are charged with the help of the kinetic energy which is generated whenever you are braking the car and this concept is also known as regenerator braking.

This is one of the ways in which you can charge the batteries of the car.

Another option which is present in some of the hybrid cars is to charge the batteries with the help of the gasoline engine which is running in the car. Since the gasoline engine is producing the spinning motion for the wheels, this motion is used to charge the electric batteries.

Type of hybrid cars:

hybrid car working

Generally speaking, hybrid cars can be divided into either of the two types which are the full hybrid cars or the mild hybrid cars. This depends on the technology which is used inside the car.

In the full hybrid cars, initially the gasoline engine is powering the car and is moving the car and in case the car comes to a halt like at a signal, the gasoline engine is shut down and to start driving the car again the electric power is used from the electric batteries. This concept is being widely used in the car’s by Ford or Toyota and some other companies.
hybrid cars working principle
In the mild hybrid cars, the main motion of the car is controlled by the gasoline engine but whenever the amount of power which is required is more than the electrical batteries provide that extra power. These type of cars are made by General Motors. In these type of cars as well at a temporary halt, the electrical battery takes over but as soon as the car starts moving the gasoline engine is lit up again.

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Series hybrid:
hybrid cars
Both the type of the hybrid cars which we explained above are of the parallel hybrid tight because when you’re speaking about the cars here to understand that the gasoline engine as well as the electric battery would be running in parallel and that is why these are called as the parallel hybrids.

There is another new technology which is coming up which is of the series hybrid type and then there’s the gasoline engine is not used for powering up the wheels but rather it is used for starting the electrical generator which starts charging the electric batteries which are present in the car.

This ensures that the consumption of gasoline in the car’s is further reduced and therefore these cards are the best options which you have got in the hybrid cars but the options which are available for you in the hybrid cars using this technology are very much limited like the Chevy Volt which is made by General Motors.

Most of the people are still sceptical about using the hybrid cars and that is the reason that the hybrid cars have not taken off as they should.

Issues with the hybrid cars:

The problem with the hybrid cars is that they help in keeping the environment clean but there are quite a few problems with the hybrid cars which do not make them easy to use.

One of the main reasons why people are still not taking to hybrid cars in greater quantities because they require much more maintenance and also they are most costly as well. They do provide advanced technology which is at use. Whenever the weight of the car is increase a you are putting in more luggage in the car than the cost of running the car on the electrical batteries becomes much more expensive.

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Surely, the hybrid cars are a step forward but they provide their own share of disadvantages as well due to which people are not able to afford the hybrid cars.

Some of the companies are also launching the plug-in hybrid vehicles which can be directly connected to the electricity circuit to charge their batteries but the time which it takes to get these batteries charged is very important. In these type of cars the technology which is being used as an advanced but they have not been launched for the public yet in most of the cases and they are still under test.

If you’re willing to buy a hybrid car then make sure that you look at all of these aspects and then take the decision whether hybrid cars would be good for you or whether they are not suitable for you.