How does a dehumidifier work?

If you live in a humid climate then you might have already noticed that the walls are turning quite damp and this is actually not only affects the walls internally but also affects the walls externally as well and the visual appearance of the wall also gets distorted.

This is due to the moisture in the weather.

The damage is not just to the walls but also to human beings living in that premises as well because if the walls are continuously damp then there is always a risk of respiratory problems as well.

Also, moisture presence in your house increases the probability of bacteria growth as well.

Luckily, there is a easy solution to this problem in the form of a gadget named dehumidifier.

How does humidity affect you and daily life?

We have all seen humidity in the form of clouds which are going over our heads during the monsoon season but what we do not realise is that the same amount of humidity is around us as well specially in the monsoon season because during the monsoon season the whole air is pretty damp and the content of moisture in the ear can be pretty high. The only notice humidity when we actually see condensation on the glasses or on the Windows.

You might be thinking that they are around you is moisture so how does that affect you would it has been proven time and again that there are many disadvantages of continuously living in areas which are pretty high humidity.

High humidity can affect all the gadgets around you and can also affect the electrical wires around you as courses short-circuits as well and when you’re speaking about the optical devices you might have surely noticed that they all come with silica gel packets which are actually used for absorbing the moisture around them.

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When you think about personal health and the effects of moisture and humidity on personal health you would realise that if the air around you is continuously containing high moisture and is continuously you might then it actually increases the growth of bacteria and viruses because you may climate is the most conducive climate for bacteria and virus to grow.

That is why the risk of the allergy as well as the respiratory problems happening is the highest when you are going through the monsoon season. In such a situation, a dehumidifier actually becomes a necessity rather than a luxury.

How does a dehumidifier work?

Now that we have gone through the details of why a dehumidifier is needed in the first place we would be speaking about the actual working of the dehumidifier and helping you understand how does it actually work and what kind of benefits can it provide to you in terms of clean.

The basic concept of the dehumidifier is somewhat like a vacuum cleaner because it continuously ingests the air from your room or from the room in which it is placed.

Inside the dehumidifier the moisture is actually sucked out out of the air and that they are is released back to the room again.

This is the most basic explanation of the working of a dehumidifier but the actual technology which is used in the dehumidifier can be of two different types which we would be explaining below.

A dehumidifier can either work on the principle of refrigeration or it can work on the principle of adsorption/absorption and we would be explaining both of these below.

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Dehumidifier working on the principle of refrigeration:

dehumidifier working on refrigeration

In this type of dehumidifier the air is actually ingested by the dehumidifier and passed through a right at the start to avoid the minor pollutants which are present in the air. The ear is ingested with the help of an electric fan which mows the air to the second stage of the dehumidifier.

In the second stage of the dehumidifier the air which is ingested into the dehumidifier is flown over a series of cool pipes through which a coolant is constantly flowing and the aim of this coolant is to make the moisture content in the air convert back into water droplets which are stuck to the pipes and which flow down from the pipes and are collected below the pipes.

Now that the moisture content of the air is entirely eliminated it just requires to be heated to the normal room temperature and this is done with the help of the heating element which is located in the next stage of the dehumidifier and this heats the air back to the room temperature and then the air is actually released back into the room by passing it through are releasing grill.

The moisture which is being collected in a container increases the level of a float based on the amount of water which is collected and when the level of the water reaches a certain height the float triggers a switch which stops the fan which is ingesting the air and indicates to the user that the container needs to be emptied for further working of the dehumidifier.

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Dehumidifier working on the principle of adsorption/absorption:

dehumidifier working on adsorption

These type of dehumidifier is actually make the use of a material which absorbs water or it makes the use of a material which actually picks the water from the air and this water is present on the surface which is picking the water and this method is known as adsorption.

The working of this type of dehumidifier is pretty simple and it starts with the ingestion of the air with the help of an electric fan which is driven by an electric motor and once the air is inside the dehumidifier it mows over a wheel on which the adsorbing or absorping material is placed and both of these materials actually suck out the water from the air and pass it on to the next element which is the heating element.

Just like in the dehumidifier above the heating element actually ensures that the air is brought back to the normal temperature and released back into the room. This is the basic working principle of the dehumidifier which is using the absorption or adsorption principle.

Dehumidifiers actually play a very important role in our life these days because we like to live in a very controlled environment and therefore we always need air conditioners or dehumidifier is to control the environment in our homes to our exact comfort.