Headache above left eye

Due to the stressful lives which we are living in these days, headache is a pretty common occurrence as well.

Most of the people would not think much about a headache as well.

Many of us when we are suffering from the headache almost on a daily basis, we just take a painkiller and move on, thinking that it is nothing more than the result of the stress which we are taking on a daily basis as well.

However, depending on the location of the headache, it might be meaning something more as well and it might be an indication to a bigger problem as well.

That is why, instead of thinking about taking a painkiller and ignoring the headache, you have to try and find out the actual place where the headache is occurring as well.

When you’re able to couple it with the other problems which you are suffering as well, you might be able to come to the conclusion regarding exactly what you are suffering from.

Today we would be speaking about headache above left eye.

Under normal circumstances, headache above left eye can either mean migraine or if there are other symptoms as well from which you’re suffering, it can mean much more as well. Also, the headache of ball left eye can also mean a bigger ailment as well.

What are the causes of headache above left eye?

If you really want to find out the causes of headache above left eye here to sometimes look at it in conjunction with the other symptoms which you are suffering from like pain in the eyes or sinus pain or even fever.

When you’re able to look into it in conjunction to the other symptoms which you are suffering from, it would become easier for you to find out the exact cause of the headache.

1. Dryness of eyes:
if you look into the biology of the body, you would realise that the maximum heat is emanating from our eyes in our body.

That is why, it is necessary for the eyes to always remain hydrated and moisture so that they are able to bear that heat and they are able to complete their function of visualising as well.

However, when that is not the case, the eyes would be turning continuously try as well and irritation would be occurring as well.

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Headache above left eyeIt is more common today because we all must work the entire time or in front of the computer’s as well.

This can easily result in the burning sensation as well as the sharp pain in the eyes as well.

The headache which we spoke about above can also be a result of this problem as well.

A good way to solve this problem would be to keep the bottle of artificial tears near you which would ensure that you are able to moisturise whenever you want.

If this is occurring very frequently, you should be thinking about consulting a doctor as well.

2. Eyesight problem:
due to the strain on the eyes, the eyes might lose their ability to capture the images properly without any kind of a delight contact lenses are spectacles.

When you’re having this eyesight problem but are not using this contact lenses or spectacles, then also it can cause such a headache as well.

The only solution to this problem is to ensure that you are getting the eyes checked and you are opting for the specific spectacles or contact lenses which you need as well.

3. Scleritis:
Sclera is a film which works as a protective layer for the eyes.

Scleritis is is the disease in which this flame of the eyes not able to complete its functions and becomes inflamed as well as a detective as well.

Therefore, the pain occurs which can extend to the part of the head as well.

During this, you would also be suffering from the redness of the eyes as well.

This can also be a symptom of bigger diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or the connective tissue disease.

4. Orbital inflammatory disease:
in this disease, the entire house of the eyes that is the socket of the eyes which consist of the retina as well as the nose and blood vessels, are inflamed.

This can be due to the stress on the eyes or it can be due to some other disease as well.

In this however happens, there is inflammation and redness in the eyes as well and also there is pain in the eyes as well which can extend to the part of the head as well.

The only way to solve this problem is to ensure that you are taking proper medications by contacting a doctor.

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5. Cranial Nerve Palsies:
we all know that the light which is captured by the eyes in order to see, is transferred to the brain with the help of the nose.

There are multiple nose which are going between the eyes in the brain. When any of these nose is damaged or inflamed, this disease occurs.

The problem can be wearing like double vision or blurred vision or not being able to see at all.

This can also occur continuous pain is you’re trying to focus on the image which you’re trying to see as well.

The cause of this disease is mostly diabetes.

In order to cure this disease, you have to look into the cause of this disease and once you’re able to eliminate it, this disease would be getting eliminated by itself and therefore the associating headache would be getting eliminated as well.

6. Multiple Sclerosis:
during Multiple Sclerosis, you would be suffering from the pain in the eyes as well is in the head as well and also the visual activities of the eyes is not 100% accurate as well.

Moreover, the perception of colours is not accurate as well.

Headache is also a symptom of this condition as well.

7. Headache due to stress:
when you’re under a lot of stress and are thinking continuously about the stress, it is pretty common that you would be suffering from headache due to it as well.

There are many different ways in which you would be able to treat it like taking the painkillers are going for a massage are giving your mind some rest and taking a nap as well.

8. Migraine:
migraine is one of the most common causes as well because indirectly was is the pain behind the eyes as well.

Also, the headache which is they are in migraine is continuous as well and therefore you would not be able to get a reply from it for even a few minutes as well. The only solution is to ensure that you are taking your medication’s which are their for the treatment of migraine.

9. Sinus problems:
as we stated in our article in the 1st paragraph, during the sinus problems there is a pressure from the sinus tissue to expand and that is why, this would be causing the pain in the entire face as well including the head behind the eyes.

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10. Cluster head ache:
cluster headache as the name suggest are due to the pain which is happening in the different parts of the head at the same point of time as well.

It is actually a needed to disease and it would be occurring for days at a stretch once it starts as well.

In most of the cases, this problem is found to be occurring due to the reduction in the supply of oxygen to the mind.

11. Hormonal imbalance:
hormonal imbalance can occur at any age as well and can occur for males as well as females. Whenever there is a sudden rise in the level of hormones or fall in the level of hormones, headache can occur as well.

In order to solve this problem, you have to think about finding a solution to the hormonal imbalances well so that the hormones in your body are always in control.

How to solve the problem of headache above left eye?

There are a few ways in which you would be able to solve this problem in addition to the problem specific solutions which we have discussed above.

1. Exercise of the eyes:
you need to understand that in most of the cases, when it is due to the dinosaur due to the stress on the eyes, just by rotating the eyes in the counterclockwise direction and then in the clockwise direction, you would be able to relieve the pain to a certain extent as well.

This would ensure that the blood circulation in the eyes also increases as well.

2. Avoiding alcohol and other such beverages:
in order to keep the eyes moist, you have to avoid the beverages and alcohol which would be dehydrating the body and by extension the eyes as well. That is why, you have to avoid caffeine as well is other carbonated drinks as well.

For the other ailments which we have mentioned above, you have to go for ailment specific solution rather than looking at a generic solution. These have been mentioned above along with the ailments.

Therefore, if you’re still wondering about the headache above left eye, you have to just look into the causes and correspondingly, you have to choose the solutions to the ailments as well.