Erased anime review

If you come across the various anime programs, you would realise that the most famous ones is known as a erased.

It is actually an adoption of the Japanese program.

However, due to the hype which it is generated, it is become pretty famous into the English adoption of it was also good.

The English adoption is known as erased.

The opinions among people are starkly opposite when it comes to anime because some like it a lot whereas others simply hate it.

Today we would be reviewing ERASED and try to discover whether it is actually good enough.

Erased Anime Review:

We would be analysing the character’s as well as the story.

When such a lot of hype is generated, you would always be having pretty high expectations.

Therefore, from this program as well, people had a very high expectations.

If you analyse the 1st half of it, it is actually pretty solid.

If you look into the 1st 6 episodes, you would realise that this is what is generated most of the hype.

There are different aspects of the 1st 6 episodes like the environment as well as the dialogue’s as well as story and the direction in which the story is going on in evidently the saving of kayo, it is actually pretty engrossing.

However, the same pace cannot be kept up to in the rest of the episodes.

Therefore, if you’re looking into the entire series you would realise that it is not actually lived up to it’s hype.

The arc of kayo which was shown is actually pretty well demonstrated making it much more attractive to watch. However, in order to keep up with the hype, the rest of the aspects of the show need to be proper.

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If you compare the 1st of of the program that the 2nd half of the program, you would realise that after the 1st 6 episodes, the characters actually did not have proper screen time.

If you look into the characters which are important during the 1st 6 episodes like kayo or yuki, they did not have proper screen space in the rest of the episodes.

Due to this very reason, the entertainment factor also went down.

Also, normally when you’re looking at a series, you would expect the final episode to be the strongest episode.

Erased anime reviewHowever, in this case the final episode was actually the weakest episode.

When you’re looking at the final episode, according to the poetic justice, Satoru should have been dead, but that wasnt the case.

Even though he was the main character but if you look at the plot, death of the character was the perfect ending which actually did not happen.

The reason for this is that the character was able to become a hero due to the courage which he had shown.

However, due to the numerous sacrifices which he had made over the course of the series the death would have been an apt ending since the Japanese name of the series “Boku dake ga Inai Machi” literally translates to the “the town without me”.

Even though this is a personal opinion but a lot of people would actually agree with me.

Also, in the end a cushion was present to break his fall and that seemed very artificial and also this confused the viewers even more regarding how the cushion actually became present there. Also, how did he know that Yashiro would lead him to the roof. Also, how did the cushion come at the exact place where satoru would fall and therefore, if you look at it logically it would be confusing many of the viewers.

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Also, you might be thinking that it is actually a mystery series but if you look at it closely, you would realise that the killer was pretty self-evident right from the start.

Therefore, for the seasoned watches, it was actually pretty boring because right after the 1st few episodes, it was pretty clear who the killer was.

Lack of time:
the problem which is they are with the series is that instead of the normal 26 episodes which the series gets, they would only 13 episodes.

That is why, they will not able to demonstrate many of the different aspects of the story.

Also due to the lack of time, they were not able to explain the power of the main character and how he got the power.

That is why, that was actually left in the background.

Also, with the power is given to the main character, the revival power could have been used in much better ways.

Also, it could have been used much more number of times during the series.

That is why, the exposure to the power was also pretty less in the region of the power was not explained. Due to this very reason, the potential of the entire series was actually undermined.

Sure enough the entire series is good enough as a whole but as we stated above, the potential was a bit undermined due to the mistakes which we have discussed.

The story was pretty original and that is why, it got hyped are so much.

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However, if these negative points of the entire series would have been eliminated, it would become much more easier for you to like the series even more and it would have become a better rate.

Also, branding without that cushion part was pretty great.

That is why, if you’re looking into watching erased anime instead of thinking that it is not good enough, you have to watch at a single time and you would be able to appreciate the character as well as the entire effort which has gone into the series. The series is surely a one-time watch but if you analyse it, you would be able to find out the negative points and the weak links in the plot but the original plot actually makes it a one time watch due to the characters and the way of narration.