Epiglottis function

Most of you, before no would not out about Epiglottis. However, it is a very important part of our body and specially the wind pipe.

It is a cartilage structure and therefore it can be easily mistaken for uvula owing to its location.

It starts at the root of the terms and goes all the way up to the wind pipe.

The location of the Epiglottis is between the root of the tongue and the voice box in the throat to ensure that the movement of food and beverages is controlled.

Today we would be discussing about the Epiglottis function and what role does it play in our bodies as well as the various problems which are pretty common in affecting the Epiglottis.

Epiglottis function:

1. Epiglottis actually serves a very important function which ensures that our digestion system is working properly and were respiratory system is working properly and none of the 2 systems are interfering with each other.

When you’re consuming anything, it is the responsibility of the Epiglottis to ensure that the food as well is the water that is the liquids do not enter the respiratory system and that is why, it folds itself in such a way that the wind pipe discovered and the food goes to the oesophagus rather than going towards the wind pipe.

When the food reaches the base of your tongue, the epiglottis is held in such a position that it is at a higher position and therefore the food most of the these are rather than going to the vocal cords and thus, effectively the epiglottis would be always blocking the home from entering the voicebox.

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2. Also, in some of the languages, it plays a very important role in pronunciation and producing sound for speaking as well.

Epiglottis functionThe pronunciation of some of the words requires you to use the epiglottis in order to make the proper sount to pronounce those words properly.

The intrinsic muscles near the Epiglottis control the vocal cords which are often covered by the Epiglottis and therefore they have a direct impact on the type of the sound which is produced as well.

On the other hand, when you’re speaking about the external muscles, they would be controlling the actual movement of the epiglottis and its position as well.

Therefore, it is a direct impact on the sound which is actually produced by the vocal cords.

Problems with the epiglottis:

Many a times, there are multiple problems with the epiglottis due to which, it might not be able to render it functions in the most effective way. Due to this very reason, it is always important for you to understand and which of the case, you would be required to opt for proper treatment as well.

Oftentimes, the problems which are occurring with the epiglottis are due to the inflammation of the epiglottis. This is due to the presence of a very specific bacteria which would be selling the epiglottis as well.

You need to understand that this would result in a in proper digestion system as well is in proper respiratory system as well and therefore urgent medical attention is always needed as well.

This condition is actually less common among the adults but when you’re looking at the children, such swelling and inflammation can easily occur as well.

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It commonly occurs when children are suffering from the viral infection or flu.

It can also easily result in the lung infection as well due to the bacteria moving towards the lung with the help of the respiratory system.

In adults, mostly this happens due to the smoking of the cigarette as well as the continuous consumption of drugs as well.

The problem in the epiglottis can also be due to some of the allergic reaction as well. Epiglottis is directly in contact with the air which we are inhaling as well and that is why, if there are any allergic substances in that air, the selling in the inflammation of the epiglottis is also a common occurrence.

Symptoms of problems with the epiglottis:

Some of the symptoms are as follows:

1. Problem in breathing.
2. Ruling from the mouth
3. Fever
4. Heavy breathing
5. Trouble in swallowing food
6. Swelling of the throat
7. Sore throat

These are often the symptoms of epiglottis inflammation. Some of these can be easily mistaken for some other ailments and therefore, you have to look at them in conjunction and not on a standalone basis.

Medical attention required:
when these are the symptoms which your child is showing, instead of delaying anymore, you have to directly opt for the proper medical attention because only that would ensure that the problem is getting sold soon enough as well otherwise the inflammation of the epiglottis can increase even more.

Treatment for inflammation of epiglottis:

In most of the cases, the 1st thing which the doctors would be doing is to provide you with the oxygen supply so that you are able to breathe properly.

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Also, instead of eating the food in the solid form, they would be providing you with IV drip so that your body gets the required amount of nutrients always.

In case it is caused by an allergic reaction, the antibiotics would be administered as well in order to prevent the further spread of the allergy and to ensure that the patient is able to recover quickly as well.

If the inflammation of the epiglottis is actually a symptom of something much more severe like influenza type B, then the treatment is much more different than the one which we have discussed of and also it would be taking a longer period of time.

As you can see, the functions which are played by the epiglottis are much more crucial to our body then that the normal cartilage organs of our body.

Needless to say, when there is any problem with the epiglottis, the epiglottis function would not be served properly and therefore multiple systems of the body like the digestion system as well is the respiratory system of the body would be impacted as well and urgent medical attention would be required in order to ensure that the epiglottis is back to normal and is able to carry out its functions.