Does tea tree oil kill lice?

Tea tree oil is become very famous during the last few years because of its antifungal properties and also it is an antiseptic as well and therefore it is actually become quite popular for various reasons and to treat various ailments as well.

Most of the people are still not sure regarding what are the elements which can be cured by tea tree oil and which are the elements which cannot be cured by tea tree tree oil.

We all have suffered from the problem of lice at some point of time or the other and we know how difficult it is to remove are eliminate these parasites from our hair.

If you notice then lice are actually white in colour or black in colour depending on the colour of your hair and they lay eggs pretty fast.

That is why, before you know there would be a lot of lice in your hair. A lot of people are suffering from this problem and this brings us to our question does tea tree oil kill lice?

You will find that some of the people support this theory and some other people are against it because they did not get proper results. We have done quite a bit of research and have found out the answer.

Does tea tree oil kill lice?

Yes, tea tree oil the skills lice. In fact it is one of the best methods to kill lice. The main advantage of using tea tree oil in killing lice is that it does not have any kind of side effects. We would be highlighting some of the properties of tea tree oil which helps it in killing the lice.

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-Tea tree oil has a lot of insecticidal properties which help it in killing the lice.

-As we mentioned above tea tree oil also has the antifungal and the antiseptic properties due to which it can kill the lice. You do this it can also destroy the eggs of lice.

-Tea tree oil also consist of ingredients which can help you in reducing their skin infection and which can help you in reducing the hair problems as well.

-Tea tree oil also helps you in something the scalp of your head so that there is no side effect on the scalp.

Usage method of tea tree oil:

Does tea tree oil kill lice-The first usage method is to just sprinkle a few drops of tea tree oil in your hair and the smell of them would drive away the lice. You can easily do this in the night just before riding to sleep. All you need to do is to just keep it overnight and it would kill the lice.

You have to just make sure that you keep at will on your pillow so that the below does not get affected by the tea tree oil. During the party you just had to wash your hair properly with the shampoo and you would be able to eliminate all the dead lice from your head as well as the eggs.

You can repeat this process for a couple of days to eliminate the lice entirely.

-You can mix the tea tree oil with lavender oil as well and for this you had to include two thirds of tea tree oil and one third of lavender oil. You can apply this mixture directly to your scalp. This mixture is even more potent at killing and eliminating the lice as compared to just using tea tree oil.

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-Another mixture which is pretty useful is to mix the tea tree oil with the olive oil. In this just a few drops of the tea tree oil is needed and where is the quantity of olive oil which is needed is up to 2 to 3 tablespoons. After applying this mixture and keeping it for 30 minutes you had to just wash your hair and you would be able to remove the lice. And after that you had to, comb your hair properly as well so that any of the lice which are remaining are removed by the combing.

-If you do not want to mix the tea tree oil with anything or if you do not want to take any extra effort to apply the tea tree oil then there are many products which contain the tea tree oil which you can use directly like shampoos and conditioners and therefore in this you would have just wash your hair normally and you would be able to get the benefits of the tea tree oil. Also, since you would be using the shampoo is regularly, the lice would not be able to come back in your hair.

-We all know that alcohol is good for our hair and therefore if you mix a few drops of tea tree oil with alcohol and wash your hair with this then it would provide the proper conditioning to your hair and also it would eliminate the lice as well.

-You can also create a spray which you can use from time to time by mixing a few drops of tea tree oil with water and spraying it on your hair. You can also use this mixture to spray on your pillow so that the lice are able to get away from the below is as well.

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The methods which we have mentioned above for using tea tree oil to eliminate at lice can be used repeatedly as long as you are of the opinion that lice are still in your hair. Most of these methods are completely natural ingredients and therefore there are no side effects of these methods.

If you have eliminated the lice, then also you had to use the methods periodically to ensure that lice do not come back. This would ensure that you are able to keep them at bay at all points of time.

One of the main precautions which you had to take whenever you are thinking about using tea tree oil is that you had to keep away from ingesting it because it is toxic when you have ingested it and therefore you had to just use it on your hair and on your scalp and you had to keep it away from your mouth.

So, yes tea tree oil the skill lice and we have mentioned above plenty of methods in which you can do so with the help of tea tree oil with all natural ingredients or with just tea tree oil itself to eliminate the problem of lice which you have been suffering from for so long.