Does tea stain your teeth?

Tea has become quite a popular drink over the years and now it is being drank across the continents and there are many different forms of tea which you can consume ranging from the normality to the green tea or some other type of her body.

Tea has its own benefits especially when you choose a very specific type of tea.

In Asia, people regularly drink tea and the consumption of tea is even more than the consumption of coffee.

One of the most common question which we have come across among tea lovers is does tea stain your teeth?

We have looked into the effect of tea on our teeth as well as the teeth enamel and found out the answer to this question.

Does tea stain your teeth?

The answer to this question is yes, tea stains your teeth. The rate at which your teeth is stained by drinking tea is much slower as compared to drinking something like cola.

If you look in to the types of tea trying to find out which one has the most harmful effect in regards with the stains, you would find out that the black tea is the most harmful when it comes to staining your teeth.

While you may take a relief in the fact that cola can stain your teeth much faster as compared to tea, still it does not eliminate the fact that tea does stain your teeth.

If you were to compare coffee and tea, in terms of the staining of the teeth, you would realise that tea stains your teeth much faster as compared to coffee.

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Another problem with drinking tea continuously is that, tea causes the erosion of the enamel of the teeth which is the outer covering of the teeth. Therefore, if you have been drinking tea since quite a long period of time then you are at risk of breaking your enamel of the teeth this would result in requiring a dental procedure known as a root canal.

Does tea stain your teethNot only this, if you look into the architecture of the enamel of our teeth you would note is that the enamel from the outside appears solid but when you look into the details of the enamel, you would find out that it contains some small pores.

The problem is that when you’re drinking tea continuously these pores get filled up pretty fast and this is what causes the staining. The staining which you see on the teeth is nothing but the residue which has been collected in the small pores on the enamel of the teeth.

Now you might be thinking whether, you can get rid of the stains which are caused by drinking tea. We have found the answer to this question as well for you.

How to get rid of stains caused by drinking tea?

The stains are caused by continuously drinking the over a long period of time and if you do not have a proper cleaning regime then these are stains become very dark over a longer period of time and it becomes difficult to remove them.

If you are having a proper cleaning regime of your teeth like brushing at least twice a day and flossing your teeth then it would be automatically cleaning the teeth over a period of time and the stains which you would be seeing would be very less and almost eliminated on a weekly basis. You can also use special toothpaste which are made for these purposes to clean the stains.

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If you’re drinking black tea, which is the most harsh type of the on the teeth then you can think about switching it to some other type of tea and this would also reduce the occurrence of stains on your teeth. You should also be thinking about reducing the frequency at which you are drinking tea. This would also help you in reducing the frequency of staining and the civility of staining.

Should you be contacting a dentist for removing the stains from your teeth?

If you tried the above few ways which we have mentioned for reducing the staining which have been caused due to drinking tea, then a dentist might surely be able to help you in eliminating the stains which are still they are on your teeth.

Many of the people themselves think about bleaching their teeth are using some other chemicals on their teeth in order to remove the stains.

You have to understand that this procedure is to be done by the dentist because these chemicals can have a side-effect as well and can be quite harsh on your teeth as well and therefore instead of doing this yourself you should be contacting a dentist and asking for them to complete the procedure for you so that you are able to easily eliminate the stains with proper professional procedure and proper professional guidance.

On the Internet you might have heard that you can use baking soda to brush your teeth but you should avoid doing this because it might reduce the stains on your teeth but it would put scratches on your teeth and also it would result in problems in the gums as well and therefore you would be just solving the problem of staining but creating 2 other problems and therefore it is better to contact a dentist to help you out with the problem of the staining of the teeth.

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If you are so affected by the staining of your teeth then the first and foremost action which you should be taking should be to avoid drinking tea even if it means that you had to abruptly stop the consumption of tea.

So, the answer to the question Does tea stain your teeth? Is yes but there are solutions to eliminate these stains but in order to maintain those clean teeth and that white smile you should refrain from consuming tea on a regular basis. No matter which technique you use to reduce the stains if you’re still consuming tea on a regular basis then the stains would be coming again and again and your teeth would never be completely brilliant white. That is why, you had to limit your consumption of the to avoid the stains.