Does smoking weed kill brain cells?

There have been many voices around the world to legalise weed because many people believe that smoking weed does not cause any harmful effects on the body but research has proven otherwise.

Most of the people think that occasionally using the weed is not harmful for the body and if you are one of the people who occasionally blow a joint then you might think again and then reconsider your decision.

Over the last couple of weeks a report has been doing the rounds which is the results of the brain activity of people who consumed weed regularly and how did not consume the weed and it has the MRI scan and other such details of the brain activity to determine whether we’d actually has any effect on their brains are not.

Researchers divided the volunteers into three parts, one of them was which consumed a joint up to 20 times a week or more that is the heavy usage category and another group was the one which consumed joint only up to 5 times a week or so the occasional users and the next group was the one which did not use weed at all and the brain activity as well as the emotional activity of all of these volunteers was monitored for quite some time.

The report and the research further noted that there was significant amount of difference in the brain activity of people who had used weed occasionally and who are not used the at all and the the difference was even higher among the people who have not used the at all and have used to weed for at least 20 times a week. This research clearly showed that if you smoke weed even recreationally you can have serious side effects on the brain.

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This research was conducted on people with developing brains that is in the age group of 20 to 30 years.

This proved that during the developing age weed does negative impact on the brain. It was also proven that people who use weed regularly have a lower IQ as well on average in their later life and therefore proving that weed does hamper with the brain activity and with the brain growth as well as the brain cells.

This is a clear indication that even though weed may not kill the brain cells but it is a significant negative impact on the growth of the brain cells as well as the development of the brain.

This brings us to the question as to how right it is to legalise weed specially when it would become accessible to the developing adults as well in the age of 20 to 30 who have shown some serious signs of damage to the brain cells on consumption of weed.

The government would of course put in place some rules and regulations which would make the weed inaccessible for people under the age of 20 but the problem is that people over the age of 20 and under the age of 30 would still have access to weed and this was the volunteer group on which this test was conducted and therefore legalising weed for all about the age of 20 can have some serious replications specially in the individuals who still have a developing brain.

The latest data according to National survey on drug use and health made it evident that weed is actually the widest used illegal drug in the country and with such harmful effects of the pro-legalisation group for weed should start thinking again whether their arguments in their support for legalising of weed hold much merit or not.

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This is not a single study which is shown that weed is actually harmful for the brain cell activity and for the developing brain because if you look online there are quite a few studies which have been done on the same subject and all come to the conclusion that there is at least some kind of harm to the brain cells with the consumption of weed.

Research is still going on regarding what kind of effect does this have on the day to day life of the volunteers because the effect has not been yet translated into abnormalities in real life and therefore when the results of that research, would it would be pretty evident regarding what kind of side effects do people suffer from when they are consuming weed either regularly or occasionally.

Countless, number of research has been done on animals as well regarding the same topic and it has been proven time and again that the brain actually the wires on the consumption of weed on a regular basis.

This rewiring is not good for the brain since it actually destroys the current connections and therefore there can be abnormalities in the brain and also the individual may actually have slower reflexes as well and slower thinking power and this ultimately affects the IQ of the person as well and thereby be again come to the conclusion that consuming weed regularly can have a detrimental effect on the development of the brain.

With the voices of legalising weed growing stronger day by day and some of the politicians and the government is also supporting the idea it remains to be seen whether this research and these studies would bring out the truth and prevent the government from legalising weed or whether these studies would be ignored in order to legalise weed.

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There have been no studies which actually assure the users that smoking weed is completely harmless but on the contrary there have been numerous studies which time and again reinforce that using weed is actually very risky especially in the developing stage. It is after all addictive substance and therefore you cannot claim that you would be smoking weed only occasionally in the longer term and when the effects are clearly one in recreational use it does not make much sense to smoke weed recreationally as well.

There might not be enough evidence to claim that smoking weed kills brain cells but there is more than enough evidence to claim that weed is not harmless for the brain cells and the growth of the developing brain.