Does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs?

We all are affected by bed bugs and we do not like these bloodsucking creatures at all.

Bed bugs can accumulate in the most vulnerable place and attack you when you’re in the most vulnerable position that is when you are sleeping. That is why, we don’t like bedbugs at all.

Many people are trying to find out a lot of information about bedbugs which might help them in keeping the bed bugs at bay and can also help them in eliminating the bedbugs as well. You can always start with what attracts bed bugs and move on from there to eliminate bedbugs.

There have been many home remedies for eliminating bed bugs but most of them are not effective at all. This brings us to the question does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs?

We all know that alcohol can kill a lot of germs and that is why it is used in sanitizers but does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs as well? After proper research, we discovered the answer to this question.

Does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs?

Yes, if alcohol is used in a proper way to eliminate bedbugs, it can certainly help in doing so. This is actually quite a effective home remedy which would help you in eliminating bed bugs.

How does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs?

There are a lot of ways in which alcohol helps in killing the bedbugs and we would be discussing some of them below.

-Attacking the sensitive skin of bed bugs:

You might not be knowing this but bed bugs have sensitive skin and therefore whenever you are trying to eliminate bedbugs, you can easily attack the skin of the bedbugs because continuous attacks on the skin of the bedbugs would result in the killing of bed bugs.

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That is why, when bedbugs are exposed to a sufficient quantity of alcohol directly, it can damage their skin beyond repair and it can kill them easily. If it does not happen in one instance then you can apply alcohol again.

-Damage to the organs of bed bugs with the help of alcohol:

In some of the cases when you’re using proper concentrated alcohol, it can seep through the skin of the bed bugs and can burn their organs as well and after this they would not be able to survive. That is why, alcohol is very effective in killing bedbugs. If you want to eliminate the bedbugs, then this is the best home remedy which you have got.

-Alcohol can also destroy the eggs of the bedbugs:

Does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugsIf you have noticed bedbugs multiply pretty quickly that is because a single bedbugs can lay a lot of eggs and these eggs can hatch within 2 weeks. That is why, you need to eliminate the eggs of the bedbugs as well otherwise after the elimination of the bedbugs, the eggs would be hatching and you would have another colony of bed bugs in your home.

The alcohol which you are applying to the egg of the bedbugs would have a toxic reaction and would enter the eggs as well and destroying the cells which have been developed till now and thereby halting the birth of further bedbugs.

Alcohol has a devastating effect on the eggs of the bedbugs and therefore it is the perfect solution to eliminate the bedbugs themselves as well as the eggs of the bedbugs.

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How to use alcohol to kill the bed bugs?

-Alcohol spray: There are many different type of alcohol sprays which are available in the market right now and the concentration of alcohol varies in these sprays and therefore you have to look at the most concentrated form of alcohol spray so that you can eliminate the bed bugs completely. It is easily available at your nearest store and you can also order them online.

-Applying alcohol to your bed covers: Whenever you are washing your bed covers you can easily add some alcohol to the water in which you are using for washing the bed covers, this would ensure that the bedbugs which are in the vicinity of these bedcovers specially at the sides of the bed are completely eliminated due to the alcohol which is being used to wash these bedcovers. This would also result in the elimination of the bedbugs eggs, which are normally at the sides of the bed.

-Eliminating bedbugs with the direct application of alcohol: If you have a suspicion that at the sides of your bed, there is a colony of bedbugs, then you can directly apply the alcohol in that area and this would eliminate the bedbugs completely.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways which can be used to use alcohol to kill the bedbugs but it is important that you know which method is the most effective and how to implement each and every method and after looking into the ways in which you can use alcohol to kill the bedbugs and also the eggs of the bedbugs you would be able to take a call regarding how to use alcohol easily to kill the bedbugs.

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Also, access to alcohol is not a problem as well because there are alcohol sprays which are available in the market easily and therefore all you need to do is to just get a spray or you can use alcohol in the normal form as well and you would be able to eliminate bedbugs.

Generally speaking, the home remedies involving alcohol to eliminate the bedbugs are very effective as long as you are implementing them properly and as long as the content of alcohol is proper as well.

So, the answer to the question does rubbing alcohol kill bed bugs is yes, because alcohol eliminates bed bugs completely from your home as long as you are applying them directly to the bedbugs or using one of the methods which we have discussed above and these methods have been tested by numerous people, numerous number of times with great results and with the complete elimination of bed bugs as well and thereby proving to be effective.