Does coconut oil clog pores?

These days there are many different types of coconut oil which are available but if you’re looking at the purest form of coconut oil then you should be looking at the extra virgin coconut oil. This type of coconut oil is very beneficial for the skin.

It has a lot of advantages for the skin ranging from being a moisturiser to having antioxidant properties as well.

There has been considerable amount of research that extra virgin coconut oil is beneficial for our body in numerous ways.

The question which is not exactly answered is does coconut oil clog pores?

Since it is so good for our entire body and for our skin is it good for our face as well?

When you try to find out the answer to this question you would get plenty of confusing replies but we have found the correct answer for you and would be discussing the answer to your exact question below.

Does coconut oil clog pores?

The answer to this question is that whether the coconut oil is able to clog pores or not would depend on the skin type which you are having. Over a wide sample, it has been seen that coconut oil is able to clog the pores of half of the people but not for all of them.

If you do not understand about the clogging of pores, then clogging means something which is getting stuck in your posts. It also depends on your pores and also it depends on the size of the boards. If the pores are pretty large then they would get clogged easily but if the ports are small then they would not get clogged that easily.

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In most of the cases, if you do not exfoliate and if you’re suffering from blackheads then coconut oil would in fact get your pores clogged. This happens when there are large pores on your face.

If you’re having small pores on your face then you would not be suffering from clogging due to coconut oil.

 That is why, it is said that of the people face clogging due to coconut oil and the other half do not. It depends on the size of the pores which are there on your face.

Is coconut oil beneficial for your face?

Does coconut oil clog poresAfter the above paragraph you might be thinking that you should probably stop using coconut oil because it might not be good for your skin but this is wrong.

When you’re speaking about the extra virgin coconut oil you would be surprised to find that it is one of the easiest ways to stop the spread of acne.

Acne is very difficult to control and with the help of extra virgin coconut oil you can easily prevent the spread of acne. Since coconut oil specially the extra virgin coconut oil is filled with antioxidants, it can reduce the redness in your skin as well which is caused due to acne and also anti oxidation means that it would protect you from the sun rays as well especially the UV rays and also perform some of the functions of a antiaging cream as well.

That is why, thinking that coconut oil is not good for your skin is wrong.

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What if you have sensitive skin?

Most of the people with sensitive skin are actually very afraid of using any type of product or any type of oil on their skin because it can instantly result in a reaction on their skin and therefore they might be thinking that extra virgin coconut oil might be safe for people with other type of skin but what about the people with sensitive type of skin?

If you want to use extra virgin coconut oil and are having the sensitive type of skin then you just need to mix it with the little bit of water to decrease the concentration of coconut island you would be able to use it easily.

Also, before using the extra virgin coconut oil you should always think about exfoliating specially if you have sensitive skin.

When you’re having sensitive skin, you had to think about extra virgin coconut oil as a moisturiser and not as a cleanser. When you do this you would be able to easily use the extra virgin coconut oil without any problems. You can also look into the oil cleansing techniques which is becoming quite popular over the last few years to find out whether it is good enough for sensitive skin or not.

Generally speaking if you take the above you precautions which we have mentioned, you can easily use the extra virgin coconut oil even for the sensitive skin.

The effect of the coconut oil on your skin would be entirely dependent on the type of skin which you are having as we mentioned above.

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On some skin types it can work great and provide a lot of benefits whereas on some other type of skin types it cannot provide so many benefits and therefore you had to 1st judge your skin type and you had to be sure about your skin type and then only it would be possible for you to decide whether you should be using coconut oil or whether you should be skipping to use the coconut oil.

As long as you are using the coconut oil is a moisturiser and not necessarily as a cleanser you should be fine. If you are having sensitive skin then you had to take the extra few precautions which we have mentioned above and you would still be able to use coconut oil is a moisturiser.

It also depends on the size of the pores which are they are in your skin but if you are doing exfoliation before using the coconut oil then the war, died would not necessarily be able to clog the pores which are they are in your skin.

If you’re using the coconut oil without exfoliation and if you are having large pores then you might suffer from clogging and therefore it is important to decide what is the condition of your skin and what is the present state of your skin and after you have logged in to this you would be able to decide whether you should be using coconut oil or not.