Does baileys go bad?

Baileys is a liquor which contains Irish cream.

It is very popular all over the world.

Many people are confused about the time period for which Baileys can last and also are confused about how to use it and whether it should be refrigerated or whether it should be kept out in the open.

If you look in to the content of Baileys you would realise that it contains a lot of Irish cream and that is what confuses most of the people whether due to the contents of Baileys should it be refrigerated or should it be kept out in the open.

Many people are asking the question does Baileys go bad in certain circumstances and if you search on the Internet as well there is no proper answer to this but we have done our research and then only we have found out the answer to the question does Baileys go bad?

Does Baileys go bad?

In certain circumstances, Baileys does go bad and we would be highlighting some of the circumstances below so that you are able to decide whether your bottle of Baileys which you have preserved for such a long period of time would be good for drinking or whether it would have gone bad.

Most of the people who have found that Baileys does go bad, have kept their bottle are for quite long and this has resulted in the bottle going stale. If you smell it you would be able to easily that Baileys has gone bad.

 Also, if you look at the texture of Baileys after keeping the bottle closed for a pretty long period of time then you would often notice that the cream and the rest of the ingredients have separated itself and this is due to the Baileys going stale.

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Usually the best way to find out whether Baileys has gone bad or not is to just smell it and you would be able to easily detect the condition of Baileys. Also, the texture would also reveal whether Baileys is fine or not. If you’re not a regular drinker of Baileys then you would not be able to judge it by the texture and therefore by smelling you would be able to easily judge it whether it is gone bad or not.

Baileys can also go bad if you do not preserve it in the refrigerator. Therefore, even if you want to use Baileys after a few days also then also it is a good enough option to keep the Baileys in the refrigerator. This would increase the life of Baileys by at least a few days allowing you to consume it after some period of time. Baileys contains whiskey, it would not go bad but if left alone for quite some period of time then the whiskey and the cream separates itself and this is when the quality of Baileys is affected.

Also, if you look at the bottle then you would realise that Baileys does have a expiry date as well and therefore it is good idea to always consume it within the expiry date instead of leaving it alone for quite some period of time.

Does baileys go badIf you look on the website of Baileys, you would realise that you can keep it unopen for 2 years and it would stay fine but anything greater than that and the quality would be affected. Similarly, if you’re opening Baileys, then it would remain fine for only 6 months and therefore you have to finish it off until then.

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In most of the cases you would realise that Baileys does not require to be stored in the fridge but you can increase the life of Baileys to the maximum limit by storing it in the fridge. The general tendency among people is that since it contains cream, you should not be storing it in the fridge but you have to understand that the cream is mixed with whiskey and therefore you can increase the life by storing it in the fridge.

There is a particular lifespan for each and every type of drink and same is with Baileys and therefore you need to be careful how you are using it and how long you are keeping it closed, to ensure that it is in proper condition always.

In most of the cases, when you’re looking at the condition of Baileys, the smell of Bailey’s is the best way to judge Baileys as we mentioned above and instead of trying to taste to find out whether Baileys is good enough or not, you should be judging it by it’s smell and then it would become much more easier.

How to best preserve Baileys?

If you want to preserve Baileys for a longer period of time, then you need to refrigerate it and also you need to ensure that you are not exposing it to harsh temperatures. This would ensure that you increase the life of Baileys to the maximum shelf life which is recommended by the company.

How to detect whether the Baileys has gone bad?

As we mentioned, the smell test is the best option which you have got for detecting the condition of Baileys. In most of the cases when people are buying Baileys they consume it pretty quickly and they do not keep it for years. The main effect which happens when Baileys does go bad is that the cream separates from the whiskey and therefore this is easily visible as well. Also, the smell also gets pretty bad if Baileys go bad and therefore you can detect it easily by smelling.

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In most of the cases when you open the bottle it would be consumed pretty quickly if you have friends around and therefore if you ask most of the people how long does Baileys last they would tell you that they have never tested it because they have consumed it right when they have opened it.

So, if you’re worried about Baileys going bad, then your worries might be true because it does get bad but it can last easily for a very long period of time and therefore most of the people do not have the experience of Baileys going bad. Baileys can go bad if they are stored for longer than 2 years without opening and if they are opened they can go bad if they are kept for longer than 6 months.