Do squirrels hibernate?

During the months of the summer, if you’re living in the rural area or if there are trees nearby you then you might have surely witnessed squirrels playing and collecting their food and jumping from one branch to another. The same scene is not visible when you’re speaking about the winter months.

During the winter, seldom would you be able to see a single squirrel even.

So where do squirrels disappear during the winter months? And do they migrate to some other place?

The more popular theory is that do squirrels hibernate? The answer to this question is no, squirrels do not hibernate. Even though the disappearance of the squirrels might be associated by some people at least two hibernation but this is not true. Squirrels do not hibernate.

You might be thinking that, if squirrels do not hibernate then why are they not seen collecting food or eating are just jumping from one branch to another during the winter.

Many of the animals change their day-to-day behaviour according to the seasons and squirrel is one of them and this is the way of adopting to the nature because if they are out in the harsh winter, they won’t be able to survive and that is why squirrels change their living patterns depending on the season in which they are.

Hibernation is common in a lot of animals like bears and you might be asking yourself questions like do polar bears hibernate? There are many different type of bears which hibernate and then there are some type of bears which do not hibernate. In case of squirrels, you can say that squirrels do not hibernate.

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Why are squirrels not seen in the winter season?

Once you’re very clear that squirrels do not hibernate you might be asking yourself then where do squirrels go during the winter season. The answer to that is that squirrels are in their nest in the winter season and they constantly spend time in their nest instead of coming out in the harsh winters. The reason for staying in the nest is pretty simple that is they want to protect themselves from the harsh weather and snow which is outside.

During the winter oftentimes, there are snow fall or blizzards around and the squirrels are not able to tolerate this harsh weather and that is why, they do not come out during the winter., If they need any kind of food which is not present in their nest, then also they would not be coming on the surface but rather they would be taking tunnels under the snow to find out the food which they had buried in the summer.

 This means that they are not exposed to the harsh temperatures which are outside in the winter. This practice keeps them safe and them survive through the winter and also ensures that they are able to get food as well.

During the summer months, you might have seen squirrels collecting a lot of food whether they are nuts or whether it is some other type of food. The food which they collect is not all consumed then and there because the body a lot of food for the winter months. They normally collect the food which can last for a long period of time when buried.

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This practice ensures that whenever they are getting excess amount of food they are able to collect it and worry it. Even though they might not be needing all that amount of food at once, they store it for the future and use them in winter.

squirrelsIf you noticed a squirrel in the summer months you would realise that they continuously keep on searching for food and taking food to their nest but the food which they are taking to their nest is not for the immediate consumption but for the consumption in the future and this is what is used by the squirrels during the winter to ensure that they are able to live through the winter.

Whenever the squirrels are digging up and storing the fort, they remember the buried food so that during the winter they can take the tenants and look at the buried food.

They do not worry all the food in a single place but rather the body group of food in different places so that they can easily look at them when they need.

When you want to see the squirrels in the winter months all you need to do is to buy a squirrel feeder and this is available easily on the Internet and you had to fill it up with the food which the squirrel needs and the squirrel would automatically be able to find out about the squirrel feeder and would come to the squirrel feeder.

So, in case you were thinking that squirrel hibernate during the winter then you are wrong because they do not hibernate but the vast amount of resource which they have accumulated during the summer months by gathering more and more food is used by them during the winter as well to ensure that they are able to last through the winter months without having to come out in search of the food in such a harsh weather.

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Either way is when they come during the winter months to search for the food it would be very difficult for them to find the food either because the trees are all frozen as well and that is where the food which is saved by squirrels during the summer months comes to their rescue and that is where they do not to come out in the search of the fort and most of the people think that squirrels are either migrated or are hibernating but this is not true.

Squirrels are in their nest relishing the food which they have stored up during the winters and that is why they do not come to the surface. After the winters, you would again be able to see squirrels gathering more and more food for the next winter so that they are able to survive through the winter.