Do monkeys have opposable thumbs?

Monkeys, in a lot of ways are similar to us. We humans have borrowed a lot of distinct characteristics of our physical ability from the monkeys. It is widely known that monkeys are from whom we evolved. Monkeys and other such animals such as apes are known as primates.

One of the most distinct capability of us humans which lead us to handle a lot of things in a proper way and to ensure that we are able to use tools properly as well is our opposable thumb.

For those of you, who do not know what opposable thumb means, it means that with the help of the thump you are able to touch all the fingers of that particular hand. It is also characterised by the fact that you can move your thumb in a particular direction or in a particular way without moving the other fingers.

We may not understand the importance of it easily because it has been so since the beginning but imagine if you had to bend your thumb and along with that if you had to bend all your fingers as well, how difficult it would be to write or to use your thumb in a particular direction.

That is why, opposable thumb is one of the main advantages which we have got which helps us in using our hands in the way in which we do now. This led to the development of tools as well which men used for his advancement.

This leads us to the question do monkeys have opposable thumbs because as we mentioned above we have evolved from the monkeys and the apes.

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Do monkeys have opposable thumbs?

Yes, some of the species of monkeys do have opposable thumbs. This is true for old monkeys as well as apes. Our primates all have opposable thumbs which helps them in climbing trees and jumping from one tree to another.

In order to move from one tree to another it is very important to have a proper grip and that is why almost all the primates which are living in the jungles and jumping from one tree to another are able to do so due to the use of the opposable thumb. Without the opposable thumb, they would not be able to jump in the air and catch another branch to climb on that particular tree.

The opposable thumbs also give us the opportunity to grab and hold things in a similar way like monkeys but instead of grabbing and holding branches, we have used a number of tools for our advancement right from writing with the pen all the way to tools like drill machine.

When we press our thumb forward against the direction of our other fingers, we are able to hold things with greater grip and this property is even more evident in terms of apes or primates which can have such a strong grip that they are able to support the entire weight of their body with the help of opposable thumbs and other fingers. This leads to a very powerful grip due to which they are able to jump from one tree to another.

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Even humans do not have such a powerful grip because our fingers and the bones in it are much more weaker as compared to the fingers and the bones of the primates.

monkeysOpposable thumbs are the clear-cut sign that we have evolved from the primates and still some of the properties of primates are visible in our body quite clearly even though we may not be needing them in the modern world.

Over the course of the revolution, these properties would go on getting weaker and weaker until they finally disappear but for now it is quite distinct that we have evolved from apes and some of the properties like the opposable thumb are still common in human beings as well as in our primates.

If you look at the use of opposable thumbs, you would be able to easily understand how we use them in the modern world and how the primates are using them in the wild. The functions may be entirely different but the property of the body which is being used is the exact same that is the opposable thumb to grip something.

Due to this opposable thumb, we were able to advance more than even the primates. It is widely known that, humans used tools to advance and to build things which they needed to build but instead of grabbing them with the help of our legs which also have opposable thumbs, we try to grab them and use them with the help of our hands with the help of opposable thumbs and this is what led to the evolution of the mankind in terms of the technology which we use to build the things which we want.

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This property is also available in the primates but because of their less intellectual capability they could not advance to such a great stage.

Do monkeys have opposable thumbsMonkeys, mimic us in a lot of ways other than our intellectual ways and this is because of the ability to have a grip on things with the help of their opposable thumb which ensures that they like us can hold their food in their hands and eat their food while holding as well as grab things which we also can.

A common example of this is that when you give a banana to a monkey, the monkey would grip it in almost a similar way as you because it can also make the use of the opposable thumb to grip something like a banana. If you have seen the monkey while eating, then you would have already noticed its use of the opposable thumb and day-to-day activities which sets it apart from some of the other animals like dogs which do not have opposable thumb.

So, yes some of the monkeys do have opposable thumbs and all of the primates have opposable thumbs due to which they are able to have a grip like us when grabbing things and when using things and while eating food which they are able to easily hold as well without much effort with the help of the grip which can be used by pressing your thumb forward against your other fingers.