Do frogs hibernate?

Frogs are very versatile creatures because you can find frogs and places where it snows and you can find frogs in Amazon jungles as well and frogs are present in almost each and every region which is in between these two extremities.

In order to survive in all of these conditions the anatomy of a frog works are greatly according to the region in which they are in and frogs are able to adapt to the weather which is around as well and that is why they are able to survive in such a large variation of climate.

If you look at the survival strategies of a frog, you would be surprised to know that they adapt exactly according to the environment which is around them and that is the reason that they are able to survive through all types of seasons. One of the most common type of strategies which they adopt to survive through the winter season is known as hibernation and some other type of animals also hibernate.

You might have heard about hibernation before but for those of you who do not have any idea about hibernation, hibernation is a state of the animal in which the metabolic activity as well as the other bodily functions of the animal are reduced to a drastic level and since the body is not functioning at optimum level and is functioning at a lower level the quantity of food which is required by the body is also typically minimised to none.

That is why, in the winter season when the frog is hibernating the question of what do frogs eat? Does not arise because the frog would not be required to eat anything when the frog is hibernating because that is the whole idea of hibernation, that is during the winter when the frog is not able to get any type of food, it goes into hibernation so that it does not require food to survive.

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Since the bodily functions of the frog are reduce it does not mean that it would not need any kind of energy, the energy which it needs would be very small and this can be got from the energy resource which are present in the body of the frog.

During the spring season the frog comes out of the hibernation and goes back to its normal bodily function and starts collecting food as well.

So, the answer to the question do frogs hibernate is yes and the way in which they hibernate would be dependent upon the specie of frog which you are speaking about.

How do frogs hibernate?

If you’re speaking about the aquatic frogs then you might be realising that these frogs actually hibernate inside the water. In order to hibernate they can take themselves partially in the mod or they can just lie on top of the mud.

They cannot directly go inside the mud like a turtle, because the spare oxygen which is present inside the mod is not sufficient for them and in order to hibernate they need the oxygen from the water.

During the hibernation period you might be surprised to know that, some of the frogs can swim around as well. The speed of swimming is rather very slow.

hibernating frogsIf you’re speaking about the terrentrial frogs then you would be finding out that they hibernate on the land. Some of the type of frogs which are good at taking the cup of whole deep in the ground so that they are not in the part of the ground which is freezing due to the winter. They spend their hibernation period in this whole.

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The frogs which are not good diggers use a gap in the rocks or in the wood to find a place to hibernate. If they are not able to find such a place they just gather a group of leaves as large as possible and go into it for hibernation.

The problem with the leaves is that, if the stack is not very large then it would also freeze in the winter depending on the temperature outside and you do this sometimes the frogs can also get freezed is to inside it.

frogsIf the frog freezes inside the stack of leaves then that does not mean that the frog would die.

This is because of a mechanism which is present in the body of the frog which allows the body and its circulation system to work properly even when the frog freezes. Inside the body of the frog, the low metabolic activity continues as normal because of this anti-freezing mechanism.

You might be surprised to know that when the frog’s frozen its breathing would stop and also the heartbeat.

As well but as soon as the temperature increases to normal and be on the freezing stage, the frog would again start treating and its heartbeat would again start as well.

During the hibernation process, the temperature of the body of the frog falls to almost the same temperature as outside and this enables the frog to survive without consuming a large amount of energy.

Due to this and due to the lower metabolic activity, the energy which is present in the body of the frog is more than sufficient for them to survive throughout the winter season without searching for any food or without consuming any extra food.

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So, now that you know frogs hibernate and now that you’re familiar with the process of the hibernation of the frogs it would come to you as no surprise that often times during the winter you are not even able to see a single frog but in the same area during the summer months you can see a large number of frogs jumping around to catch their prey.

Frogs are pretty interesting creatures because they can survive in most of the harsh conditions and still live to tell the tale unlike some of the other animals who are not so compatible with the surrounding which is around them and with the weather which is around them. This makes frogs one of the most widespread creatures around the world since they can live in any kind of environment.