Do bed bug bites itch?

Bed bugs are common all over the world and are pretty irritating creatures as well because they suck your blood when you are sleeping and the bites of the bedbugs are very irritating as well because they continuously cause you pain.

Most of the people do not know how to recognize the bite of a bed bug and therefore they confuse the bite of other creatures with the bite of the bed bugs as well and this brings us to the important question regarding how you can you recognize the bites of the bed bugs so that you can start the treatment accordingly.

Most of the people who suffer from the bed bug bites ask the question do bed bugs bites itch? The reason that they asked this question is because this is the easiest way to indicate whether you have been bitten by a bed bug or whether you have been bitten by some other creature.

Do bed bugs bites itch?

The answer to this question is yes bed bugs bites do itch but the exact quantum of itching depends on the intensity of bite of the bed bugs and for how much time was the bed bug sucking blood and also it differs from one person to another as well. In most of the cases, when bed bugs are present in your home they multiply pretty quickly and therefore instead of a single bed bug sucking blood from your hands, there would be multiple bed bugs and if they are biting in the same area, then the itching would be very severe as well. Also, if you’re able to detect the presence of bed bugs and eliminate them just when they start biting you during the sleep, the intensity of itching would be less as well.

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The problem is that the itching in the bed bugs bites starts at a later stage and not at the initial stage and therefore at the initial stage you would not feel anything when the bed bug is biting you but after a period of time, the itching would begin as well.

Do bed bug bites itchOne of the main reasons that you do not suffer from instant itching is because bed bug first numbs the area on which they are planning to bite you and after it is done that then only they start sucking your blood and therefore you would not be able to sense immediately the presence of bed bug or the bite of the bed bugs.

Since the skin of some people is more sensitive, even after the attempt of the bed bug to numb that area, they might be able to detect the presence of bed bugs and this would awaken them and they can eliminate the bed bugs then and there.

The problem arises when a large quantity of bed bugs starts biting you because then it becomes very difficult to sense the presence of bed bug since they would be numbing the area first and then biting and when this effects gets eliminated after a few number of hours, you feel the pain as well as severe itching as well.

Most of the people when they suffer from itching due to bed bug bites, they begin itching the area but this is exactly the wrong way to behave when you’re suffering from itching due to bed bug bites because this would result in an skin infection and cause the whole area to be inflamed.

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Another problem is that, bed bugs choose the same person and the same area of the body which they have bitten before and therefore if you’re not able to detect the presence of bed bugs in a couple of days, you would be getting bitten a lot more as more and more bed bugs would be following the bed bug which has bitten you, resulting in higher number of bites.

The presence of a couple of bed bugs can easily grow into a full infestation of bed bugs in just a couple of weeks and therefore you have very little amount of time if you want to avoid the problem of bed bugs from multiplying at a faster pace.

Avoiding the bed bugs:

There are many ways in which you can avoid the infestation of bedbugs but in order to do so you first need to understand what attracts bed bugs and after you have understood this, then only you can avoid the bed bugs.

Similarly there are many ways in which you can kill the bed bugs as well and therefore you can easily look into these and then determine which method do you want to use to kill the bed bugs.

One thing is for sure, the bites of the bed bugs can be very severe and can result in normal itching as well as skin infection as well depending on the intensity of the bite and the number of bed bugs which have bitten you and the number of days since which the bed bugs are biting you because they tend to bite the same person at the same place day after day.

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It is not easy to ignore the bites of the bed bugs when you wake up and therefore there is a very small probability that you would not be realizing that bed bugs are biting during the night because the marks of the bites are distinctly visible and can be easily recognized as well.

Bed bugs live in the bed sheets and the other bed linen which is available and therefore keeping it clean is an important step towards ensuring that bed bugs are not present in the bed in which you are sleeping. The problem arises when you’re travelling and are sleeping in hotels because their you do not know for sure whether the bed is containing bedbugs or not. There are specific solutions for that as well to keep the bed bugs away from you.

So, yes bedbugs bites do itch but there are numerous ways in which you can repel the bed bugs so that they do not bite you and also once you know what attracts bed bugs, you can take the necessary steps to avoid the infestation of bed bugs in your home as well so that you never suffer from the problem of bedbugs again and have a sound sleep at night without the bites of bed bugs as that can easily disturb your sound sleep at night.