Derealization cure

Derealization is the ailment when you believe that the world which is outside is not real. This is actually due to the continuous stress on the brain and can also be a symptom of panic attacks and anxiety attacks as well.

As the stress in our lifestyle increases day by day, derealization is actually becoming more and more common. These days a lot of people are suffering from derealization.

Many of the people are extremely confused when they are suffering from derealization because most of the people are thinking that they are going crazy but this is not true.

Derealization can be cured as well but the treatment is not widely known and therefore most of the people think that it is not easy to cure derealization.

When you’re suffering from derealization, you would not be able to clearly understand the surroundings around you and it would all seem like a dream.

Derealization cure:

The best option which you have got in order to solve the problem of derealization is through psychotherapy. In order to choose the course of treatment of derealization you need to 1st find out about the cause of derealization.

Derealization can be directly associated with the stress which you are suffering from or derealization can be associated with the substance abuse.

If the derealization problem which you are suffering from is due to the substance abuse, then it would eventually go away when the side effects of that particular system get eliminated in your body. If you’re suffering from this due to the withdrawal symptoms of some type of substance, then as your body starts coping with the absence of that substance in the bloodstream, the sensation of derealization would also get eliminated.

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If it is due to the stress which you are suffering from due to the external circumstances then you can go for psychotherapy or you can try relaxing yourself. The best way for doing this is to ensure that you are cut away from the outer surroundings specially the situations which are giving you a lot of stress. When this happens you can easily see the feeling of derealization being slowly eliminated.

Derealization cureThe best way which you can do this in is to go for a vacation far away from your current surroundings so that you are able to easily get away from the negative news or the stressful news which was causing derealization.

Doctors have proved plenty of times that psychotherapy can surely help with the derealization as well but it would take quite some period of time and therefore you need to 1st find a good psychotherapist and then only it would be possible for you to get rid of derealization.

At no point of time should you be thinking that the solution to derealization would be tranquilizers because tranquilizers would just make the feeling worse by eliminating the reasoning and the working power of your brain and therefore the derealization effect would be more profound and besides that tranquilizers already have a side effect on your brain and therefore instead of taking tranquilizers you should be looking at the other options which we have mentioned above.

There are some medicines which can surely help you in case of derealization but these are not tranquilizers and you can speak with your doctor in detail about this but make sure that you do not start taking tranquilizers in order to get rid of derealization.

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In most of the cases, when derealization is caused due to excessive stress, ignoring the problem is not the solution because ignoring the problem would make the problem worse. You can speak with your doctor and you can go for the psychotherapy sessions to relieve the stress which you can and this is also helpful when you’re suffering from panic attacks as well.

Once you are able to find out the trigger of the derealization, it is easier for you to solve the problem of derealization and this can only happen when you talk with a counsellor or with a psychologist on with a psychotherapist. Make sure the professional which you are choosing is licensed in counselling as well.

Once you are able to pull away from the situations which are causing the derealization, it can be easily eliminated.

Symptoms of derealization:

-It is very common in derealization to think that the world around you is not real and it all seems like a dream.

-In some of the cases, people have also reported that they see the world in a haze and in a cloudy way, as is visualized during a dream.

-It is also common for people to report that when they are not in touch outside environment, it seems like they are encapsuled in a glass ball or in some other type of container and not in direct contact with the surroundings.

-It is also seen that some of the people report seeing cartoons instead of other people and living beings outside.

These are the symptoms of derealization and as you can see they are quite stark and distinct as compared to any other ailment and therefore it is difficult to confuse derealization with any other kind of ailment. If you do not treat the symptoms and if you do not treat derealization soon with the help of the methods which we mentioned above then these experiences become more and more profound and eventually you would be losing your touch with reality which can be a very dangerous situation because your mind would not be able to decide what it sees and what it visualizes and what it should be believing in and what it should not be believing.

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So, derealization cure is possible but 1st you need to detect the cause of the problem of derealization and ensure that you are working towards solving the problem in the shortest possible period of time so that the derealization symptoms are completely eliminated as well and they do not actually become worse because of ignoring as happens when people start ignoring the problem of derealization.