Coughing up Black Mucus

Whenever you’re suffering from can think, the occurrence of coughing is pretty common as well and also the excretion of mucus well coughing is pretty common as well.

However, the problem arises when the color of the mucus is not normal.

If you haven’t experienced in coughing mucus of any other color, the common occurrence is coughing up Black mucus or coughing up mucus which is red in color.

Both of these indicate that the problem is different than the normal mucus as well and therefore today we would be discussing about the coughing up of mucus which is black in color.

However, one thing which you have to keep in mind is that there is nothing to panic if this happens.

Coughing up Black mucus:

The 1st thing which you have to always understand is the reason as to why you are coughing up Black because rather than the normal one.

In many of the cases, it is you to some of the lesser-known infections and it is in fact a symptom that this is much more than normal coughing.

We would be discussing about causes of same below.

1. Color of the foodstuffs which you are consuming:

If you have just eaten some foodstuffs which are dark in color just a couple of hours before the Black mucus appears, then that is due to the foodstuffs which you have consumed.

Coughing up Black MucusThis occurrence is not common among adults but children often suffer from the same.

A common such substances the consumption of chocolate and after that the excretion of Black mucus.

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This is simply the color of the foodstuffs affecting the color of the mucus.

Therefore, it is nothing more to worry about.

2. Pollution:
due to the pollution, we often inhale the which consist of a lot of contaminants as well as the dust.

Since the mucus is also exposed to the respiratory system, the color of the mucus is impacted due to the understand the contaminants which we are enabling.

3. Side effect of smoking:
if you have been smoking since a longer period of time, you would already know that the smoke which you are inhaling would be impacting the color of the mucus directly.

If you’re thinking about smoking for only for a smaller period of time in the day, then the color would only be done into yellow or at the most brown.

However, when you’re looking into smoking continuously for the entire day, it can easily turn black.

4. Usage of drugs:
when you’re using cocaine or marijuana, this is another cause of the mucus turning black as well.

5. Working in unhygienic environments:
when you’re a firefighter, oftentimes when you’re eliminating the fire, they would be containing the black particles as well and similarly, when you’re working in a coal mine as well, they would always be containing the black particles as well.

In both of these cases, the mucus which you might be coughing would be turning black due to the particles sticking to the mucus when you’re inhaling them.

Specially in the cases of the firefighters, a disease has been named after this is well known as the black lung disease.

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6. Infections due to fungus:
there are quite a few infections which can lead to the Black mucus as well and we would be listing them below.


The treatment of all of these are different and therefore it is important to 1st detect which is the type of the infection which you are suffering from and thereafter look into the treatment.

In most of the cases a simple blood test would be able to detect the type of infection which you are suffering from and thereafter the treatment can begin according to the infection.

How to eliminate the problem of coughing up Black mucus?

Solutions which we would be discussing below in order to eliminate the occurrence of Black mucus are generate solutions and these are not pertaining to any medical condition which you might be suffering from.

1. Keeping your body hydrated:
when you’re keeping it tight at it, automatically the black particles which are sticking up in the mucus would not be present in the mucus and therefore the mucus would be of normal color as well.

Also, by drinking a little warm water, you can be sure that the mucus would be melting away and therefore the black particles from it would be separated as well.

2. Quitting smoking:
as we explained above, smoking is directly responsible for the occurrence of Black mucus as well and therefore if you’re suffering from this problem, you can easily quit smoking.

3. Avoiding bad air exposure:
as we mentioned above, due to the pollution as well, you can be the occurrence of Black mucus as well and in such a case, you have to always think about installing the air purifier in your home and ensuring that whenever you’re going out, you are having a face mask as well.

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4. Reducing the chances of fungal infection:
the fungal infection is often caused due to the consumption of unhygienic food and water. That is why, you had to eliminate both of these possibilities which would automatically reduce the chances of fungal infection as well.

5. Medical treatment for fungal infection:
if you’re already suffering from the fungal infection, then you had to detect the type of the fungal infection which would be easily detected by the recognized medical practitioner and thereafter, you have to eliminated so that it becomes much more easier for you to eliminate the possibility of Black mucus as well.

In very rare cases, the Black mucus would actually indicate the much more severe problem like lung cancer as well and that is why, it is important to always know the symptoms and the causes of the Black mucus and thereafter you would be choosing the treatment. Instead of ignoring it as a one off occurrence, make sure you try to discover the right cause.

So, if you’re coughing up Black mucus, that does not automatically mean that there is a problem with your body but it can be some of the simple causes which we have explained above as well.