Can you overdose on shrooms?

Shrooms are consumed all over the world in various type of recipes and some of the people also take shrooms to get a high as well.

This is because of the psilocybin substance which is present in shrooms.

They are much more smaller as compared to the normal mushrooms. The colour is normally tan.

You can get them in a wide variety of recipes ranging from pizza to even tea.

As many people are using the shrooms for getting a higher, that brings us to the question can you overdose on shrooms?

Many people have many different opinions in response to this question and we have gone into the details to find out the accurate answer to this question.

Can you overdose on shrooms?

Technically, you can overdose on shrooms but it is almost impossible to overdose on shrooms. If you eat a lot of shrooms then you can certainly fall sick but overdose is not practically possible. It contains a drug which gets you high as we mentioned above and therefore it works like any other type of substance which gets you a high.

In most of the cases when you consume an excessive amount of shrooms, your body would just vomit it out.

If you are consuming shrooms in a greater quantity then you would suffer from vomiting and also panic attacks as well. These are the main side effects of overdose on shrooms.

You need to understand that you are getting a higher from the poison which is contained in the mushrooms in smaller quantities and therefore if you are consuming the shrooms in larger quantities the content of the boys and goes on increasing and therefore it can actually prove problematic for you and you may need medical attention as well. That is why, you need to keep a strict check on the shrooms which you are consuming in a single dose.

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Since people are taking it for getting a high, they become addicted to it quite often and that is when you need to draw the line and ensure that you are consuming the shrooms in limited quantity only. The toxic substance in the shrooms which gets you a high is to be consumed in limited quantities if you want to ensure that it does not impact your health.

Hallucination is another side effect of consuming excessive amount of shrooms. These side effects and most of the cases are completely temporary. If they are lasting for a long period of time then you might be needing to see a doctor.

Can you overdose on shroomsAnother common effect of consuming high amount of shrooms is having a high fever and symptoms which are similar to a flow. Tell your body is not able to put all the shrooms out of the system, the symptoms would continue and you would be remaining sick. You need to know where to draw the line when you’re speaking about the consumption of shrooms.

How much shrooms should you consume?

The general dosage of shrooms which you can consume is from 1 g to 2 g. Most of the people who are addicted to shrooms would tell you that you can consume more amount of shrooms easily but you need to understand that due to the poison in the mushroom which makes you hire, the quantity should be severely limited.

What are the side effects of consuming shrooms?

Since shrooms container drug, they would be having the side effects as well. The side effects are lack of focus and lack of concentration. Another side effect of shrooms is hallucination is as we mentioned above.

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Tolerance to shrooms:

As you consume shrooms on a regular basis your body becomes resistant to it. That is why, most of the people who are consuming shrooms on a regular basis try to increase the dose which they are consuming.

You should never think about mixing shrooms with another type of drug or any other type of alcohol. The reaction of the toxic in shrooms as well as in other type of drugs or alcohol can trigger a reaction which may not be good for your health.

Are shrooms legal?

In United States as well as United Kingdom, shrooms are not legal and come under the category of drugs. It is not allowed to distribute or sell shrooms. If you are found under the position of shrooms then it might trigger a legal action as well.

As you can see, shrooms can get you a high but there is a table cost to it because you can easily get addicted to shrooms and moreover you can keep on increasing the quantity of shrooms and that is when your health gets affected as well by the consumption of shrooms. In order to avoid all of this you had to cut down on the supply of shrooms and on the consumption of shrooms. Sure enough they would help you in getting a high but there is a terrible price to pay for it.

Shrooms can cause hallucinations which can last for a pretty long period of time and therefore it is important that you let go of shrooms and quick the addiction so that you do not suffer from hallucinations in the future as well.

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When you’re speaking about shrooms, one of the most important point is which you need to understand is that you are taking a drug even though in the form of shrooms. That is why, it is better to know the truth about shrooms and then decide for yourself.

So, you cannot actually overdose on shrooms practically but technically it is possible but it happens very very rarely and the quantity which you need to consume for the overdose to happen is pretty high and therefore you can almost say that it is not possible to have a overdose on shrooms but that does not mean that you can consume a large quantity of shrooms because that would not be right for your health and that is why, you need to limit the quantity of the consumption of shrooms to as low as possible.