Can you die from lack of sleep?

Most of us are lazy and often like to sleep till late in our beds. Sleep is a very important part of our day because we like to relax and we like to enjoy our day instead of working order instead of getting less sleep.

If you deprive anyone of sleep you would be getting irritated and angry as well. These effects of sleep deprivation are widely known.

In some of the cases, people have gone without sleep for at least a few days and have been fine after they get normal sleep. The question which plagues the mind of many people is whether can you die from lack of sleep?

There are many people who in abnormal circumstances were not able to get sleep for days together but they came out fine after they slept properly for a few hours. What would happen if you do not get sleep for a very prolonged period of time? Like if you do not get sleep for at least 20 days or so.

In this case, would you suffer from so many physical side effects that you can die? This question puzzles the mind of a lot of people who are sleep deprived or are insomniacs. We have found out the evidence to this question which we just mentioned above.

Can you die from lack of sleep?

The direct answer to that question is no because if you be sleep deprived for an extended period of time then it would certainly have an adverse impact on your body but you would not be dying because of it.

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Though, due to your lack of concentration and focus you would not be able to complete things properly and therefore the probability of an accidental death occurring is very high. This would not be directly due to the lack of sleep but you can say that due to the lack of concentration there can be accidents which can put your life in danger.

When you’re not sleeping for an extended period of time you would not have the energy to conduct the physical tasks and also, mood swings are pretty common as well. Even the smallest noise would make you much more irritated than normal.

Scientists and doctors have come to the conclusion that sleep deprivation for an extended period of time can directly not lead to death but due to the limited functions of the body which you would be able to carry out and due to the impaired thinking you might be making wrong decisions which can lead to your death.

These are the indirect effects of sleep deprivation. The decision-making process which you would be having would not be working correctly as well and therefore you are more prone to make the wrong decisions which may endanger your life.

Research done on sleep deprivation:

sleep deprivedIn 1964, scientists observed a man who had not slept for 11 days and physically the man was fine but the man was not able to concentrate properly but still he could do the limited physical activity and also the limited mental activity as well. It did not lead to his death either.

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The way in which the man was kept awake was by letting him perform the activities which he liked, like playing basketball and other such activities. It was under expert supervision and therefore it is not advisable to repeat it yourself.

After the sleep deprivation period, the man was able to easily talk with other people and also was having normal mental activity as well. The reaction time was longer and the mental capability was less as well.

After the man went to sleep after a sleep deprivation period of 11 days, the man slept for around 15 hours and was able to gain the normal exposure of the human body. The senses were also much more alert and the concentration power was also much more better.

When the same studies were done on rats, it was found that they proved to be fatal after 32 days but it is not clear whether sleep was the direct cause of death or indirect cause of death.

How much should you be sleeping?

You need to understand that even if you do not die by sleep deprivation still the body needs proper sleep to ensure that the bodily functions are working properly day in and day out and therefore instead of going to the extremes you have to always ensure that you are having a balanced approach towards life and you are sleeping properly as well so that you are able to help the body to recover from the tiredness as well as the exertion which it has done in the past few hours.

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If you’re not sleeping properly and if you’re suffering from sleep deprivation, then the immunity system which you are having would also be weakened and therefore you would be more susceptible to diseases which would again affect your health.

A normal human being needs at least 8 hours of sleep in every 24 hours. If you are sleep deprived for a longer period of time then you increase the risk of cardiac diseases and lung disorders and other related disorders as well and therefore surely enough your health would be adversely impacted as well. At the same point of time due to the irregular metabolic activity you would be suffering from obesity as well.

What should be your sleeping schedule?

As we mentioned above your sleeping schedule should be of 8 hours every day. It is always best to have a regular sleeping schedule so that your body is able to get the rest when it needs. You should not be using caffeine to keep yourself awake for extended periods of time. This affects the body clock adversely. While sleeping, you should not be using the television or any other gadgets and you should be just trying to relax all parts of your body.

So, even the sleep deprivation might not be directly fatal, but you have to still ensure that you are getting proper sleep so that you are able to provide the required amount of rest to your body and besides if you are sleep deprived for a long time, you might be asking yourself another question next which is why am i always sleepy.