Bruised sternum

Our body is structured in such a way that various parts of our body protect the internal organs as well.

Similarly, when you’re speaking about the ribs in the chest, you can be sure that they would be protecting the lung’s as well as the heart.

Very less people actually know that Sternum also protects the lung’s as well as the heart inside the body.

However, since these parts of the body are protecting the other parts of the body, they are also susceptible to heavy damage whenever there is impacted on that particular part of the body as well.

For example, if the sternum receives a heavy blow a medical condition occurs which is known as Bruised sternum.

Fortunately, it can be easily you are as well but for that, you have to at least know the symptoms of the problem.

A Bruised sternum would only be occurring in cases where the injury is not Severe.

We would be going into the details of the Bruised sternum and how it can help you in protecting the body.

Symptoms of the Bruised sternum:

you can only start the treatment for the Bruised sternum once you’re knowing about the symptoms as well. You need to understand that if you’re not able to pay attention to the symptoms, unless and until the problem actually aggravates, you would not be able to detect it.

That is why, we would be going over the symptoms below.

1. Persistent pain:
while this pain is not very traumatic but it is consistent and whenever you’re moving, it increases as well.

2. Bruising marks along the chest:
just like the sternum internally is bruised, there would be bruising marks along the chest as well.

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3. Swelling in the chest area:
due to the extra inflammation, there would always be swelling in the chest area.

4. Pain in the chest while laughing or while coughing:
Bruised sternumduring laughing as well as coughing, there is extra strain on the chest as well and you do this, you would realise that the pain would increase at that point of time.

5. Pain during the breeding:
similarly, when you’re deep breathing as well, then also there would be extra strain on the chest as well and that is why, there can be pain as well.

What are some of the likely causes of Bruised sternum?

While accidents can be plenty but it is important to note which are the common occurrences which lead to Bruised sternum.

1. Accidents involving auto mobile:
these days, many of the people do not wear the seat belt as well as take other safety precautions as well and therefore the maximum impact of the accident is actually on the chest resulting in Bruised sternum.

2. Injury in the sports:
you need to understand that there are very few protective layers when you’re playing the competitive sports as well and therefore, during the case of an injury or accident, there is excessive pressure of the body including on the sternum as well resulting in Bruised sternum.

3. Violent coughing:
in some of the very rare diseases, the coughing is so while and then a Bruised sternum can occur as well due to the forceful exhalation of the cough from the lungs.

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What are the home remedies for Bruised sternum?

Luckily, it is not always needed to go to the doctor for the Bruised sternum unless and until, the home remedies are not working. However, if you have been through a very traumatic accident, it might be a good idea to skip these home remedies and directly addressed to the doctor.

We would be discussing about some of the simple home remedies which would ensure that you are able to easily treat the problem of Bruised sternum.

1. Massaging with eyes:
as we stated above, inflammation is a common result of the Bruised sternum as well and therefore in order to reduce this inflammation, you had to take ice pack and you have to rub it along the chest are likely as well in order to reduce that inflammation as well.

You need to understand that instead of directly applying the ice, you have to put it in a closed our eyes back in order to ensure that the skin is not impacted negatively.

2. Limited movement:
instead of moving around normally, you have to restrict the movement in order to ensure that the chest are born or the sternum is not getting rubbed against the muscles around it as well.

You have to also ensure that you are not taking part in any sports or you’re not lifting anything heavy when you’re suffering from Bruised sternum as well.

Also, you have to take precautions that you do not suffer from flu or cough and cold during this period as well is that would be aggravating the problem.

Similarly, you have to always avoid smoking during this period as well.

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3. Providing the nutrients to the body:
like any other disease, the body can heal quickly only if the proper nutrients are provided to the body as well. Due to this very reason, you have to concentrate on your diet in order to ensure that the proper nutrients are provided for healing as well.

Also, the doctors would be recommending you various supplements as well.

The supplements would ensure that you are getting vitamin K and other such vitamins which are directly related to the healing of the body as well.

What are the medical treatments for Bruised sternum?

As we stated above, if the problem is greater, you might be required to undergo the medical treatment as well.

In such a case, you have to understand about what are the medical treatments which are they are as well.

1. Microcurrent therapy:
as the name suggest, in this type of therapy smaller currents would be passed through the body as well in order to repair the tissue as well.

This might seem scary but you can be sure that the healing would be much more quicker as well.

Also, the currents which are applied are pretty low in magnitude as well and therefore you would would not be suffering from any extra problem.

2. Pain killers:
In addition to that, you would be provided with the normal painkillers in order to eliminate the painting the healing takes place as well.

As you can see, Bruised sternum would be a common occurrence and can be treated quite easily as well if you’re able to detect it in time.