Black spot on lip

Each and every person is pretty cautious about the way which they look.

That is why, when there is any deviation from the normal appearance, people often get worried as well. Sure enough, you can apply cosmetics and artificially make yourself look good enough, but those are just temporary solutions.

Today we would be speaking about one such problem which people often face that is the Black spot on lip.

Normally, it is the perception that only woman take the appearance of their lives quite seriously but when there is some detoriation with the lips, you can be sure that both the genders would be taking notice.

Therefore, if you’re suffering from this particular problem, we would be going into the treatments which you can opt for and also the causes of this problem.

Black spot on lip:

the 1st thing which we would be discussing is how you can minimise this black sports so that you are able to get your appearance back to normal.

1. Using the natural bleaching agents like lemon juice:

by using the bleaching agents, we are not just speaking about the chemical bleaching agents but we are other speaking about the natural bleaching agents like lemon juice.

Instead of drinking the lemon juice, you have to apply a bit of lemon juice on your lips before going to bed.

This would ensure that the patches which are they are on your lips would be getting lighter and lighter.

2. Using the vinegar:
one of the best options which you have got for using the vinegar would be to opt for the apple cider vinegar.

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3. Using the natural colouring agent:
if you’re applying the beetroot juice, you would be actually using the natural colouring agent which would help your lips look good again.

4. Using a natural mixture:
Black spot on lipyou have to mix the rosewater along with glycerin and apply that to your lips before going to bed.

You have to do this for a few days in order to ensure that the Black spot on lip is entirely removed as well.

5. Consuming the foodstuffs which are best for your lips:
you need to understand that you can always think about keeping your diet in such a way that you are able to keep your lips looking hydrated and fresh as well.

In order to do so, the 1st thing which you have to always look into is that you should be consuming as much water as possible.

You had to keep away from the foodstuffs which would be the editing you like coffee as well as alcohol.

Also, you had to keep away from the excessively hot diet as well.

When some of the nutrients like I are not good for the body but in excessive quantities, they are harmful for the lips and therefore you have to avoid diet and supplements if you’re taking them.

6. Increase the proportion of vitamins C:
vitamins C is present in the fruits like oranges and when you’re increasing the consumption of vitamins C, the amount of collagen which is they are in the body would be increasing as well which would ensure that the lips are able to remain healthy and if there is any cut out those on the lips, they are able to heal themselves.

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7. Avoiding the sun:
for a limited period of time, you have to avoid the sun or you have to ensure that your lips as well moisturised with the proper moisturiser as well in order to ensure that these black sports are not increasing.

8. Providing the cosmetics:
during the spread of these black sports, you had to avoid the cosmetics in order to ensure that there is no side effect of the cosmetics as well or the black sports are not caused by the cosmetics themselves.

9. Getting professional help:
if you’re not able to solve this problem with the help of the above remedies, you have to think about contacting a dermatologist who would be able to discover the cause of the problem and suggest your treatment as well.

Causes of Black spot on lip:
Now we would be speaking about the causes and by looking into the causes you would be able to detect whether you’re suffering from the circumstances due to which, you are having this problem.

1. Vitamin deficiency:
if you’re suffering from the deficiency of vitamin B, it would be causing the disease named as angular cheilitis and in this disease, the lips would be cracking at the sides and also an infection would be resulting on the lips as well.

2. Imbalance of hormones:
if there are hormonal imbalances in your body, then also there can be the sports on the lips are the lips can be excessively dry as well.

3. Harmful cosmetics:
most of the people who are applying the cosmetics, do not actually look into the ingredients of the cosmetics and therefore the later on realise that these are actually harmful and the ingredients are not at all proper as well.

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4. Extra pigmentation on the lips:
when there is extra pigmentation on the lips, black sports a normal as well.

5. Excessive smoking:
smoking directly leased to that the position of harmful substances on the lips since the cigarette is directly in contact with the lips and due to this, the black sports can occur as well.

6. Presence of extra nutrients in the body:
As we discussed above, excessive presence of iron and also causes this problem as well.

Therefore, if you have been taking any of diet and supplements, it is time to find out whether you really need them or not. If you’re not needing them, it is time to start skipping them with the advice of your doctor.

7. Biting the lips:
if you’re continuously biting the lips, they can get hurt and that is why, black sports can appear on the lips as well.

Therefore, if you’re worried about the problem of Black spot on lip, it is important to realise the treatments which you can opt for and also the probable causes of the problem which would help you in solving this problem.