Bad smell in Nose

Oftentimes, due to the unhygienic condition of our body, there is bad odor from different parts of our body.

Instead of getting tense to what it or instead of panicking over it, there are pretty simple solutions in order to eliminate these bad smell from these parts of your body.

Today we would be speaking about one such occurrence that is bad smell in nose.

We would be looking into its causes and we would also be looking into the solutions which would help you in eliminating this bad smell as well.

You might be thinking that this is actually a rare occurrence because it does not occur to you but the truth is that, it is actually pretty common.

We would be 1st looking into the causes and the treatment below..

Bad smell in nose:

The causes can be pretty different and we would be discussing them one by one below.
1. Foreign object inside the nose:
Nose is a very important can offer the respiratory system and you as you might be already aware, we inhale the air through the nose.

These days, due to the polluted air, you would be inhaling the particulate pollutants and other foreign objects along with the air which you’re normally breathing.

Therefore, these foreign objects can easily get stuck inside your nose leading to bad smell.

These foreign objects to not just come from outside but many a times, when you’re vomiting for you may also get stuck inside the nasal cavity as well which would be producing a bad odor as well.


if the cause of the bed as well as as explained above, there are a few ways in which you would be able to eliminate it.

Bad Smell in nose-Instead of inhaling the object inside forcefully, you have to think about exhaling it out.
-When the object’s inside a single nasal cavity, you have to close out the other nasal cavity and you had to excel out with full force from the blog the nasal cavity and this would ensure that the object moves towards the opening on the outer side.
-If the object’s directly visible from outside, you have to use the tweezers in order to pull it out.
-If these methods are feeling, you have to think about contacting a doctor in order to remove the object.

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2. Bad smell due to snoring:
you might be thinking that snoring is nothing to do with the bad smell but the truth is that, when you’re snoring, the moisture is sucked out from the mouth especially from the tongue and also the moisture is not created back due to the improper production of saliva. Therefore, this is the ideal atmosphere in which bacteria can grow in your mouth.

When bacteria is growing in your mouth, it would be producing the foul odor which can be coming out through the nose.

here instead of finding the solution to the bad smell, you have to find a solution to the problem of snoring and in order to find that solution, you have to think about decongesting the nasal cavities in order to ensure that the snoring ceases.

Also you have to always ensure that you are not eating any heavy food at least up to 2 to 3 hours before slipping which would ensure that the snoring problem automatically ceases.

3. Nasal drip:
nasal drip is the problem of the leaking no specially when you’re suffering from flu. When this happens, the bacteria inside the mouth would be interacting with the discharge which is coming out from the nose and this would cause a foul smell.

In order to detect this, you would have the indications of the foul smell as well as the irritation in the throat. Also, as we discussed above you can be cut off as well.

Also, if you’re having as, then you would not be able to maintain the food as well is what properly and in such a case as well, foul odour can be produced as well. These are the symptoms which would help you in protecting the nasal drip and thereafter choosing the solution accordingly.

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depending on the type of the infection due to which you’re suffering from the nasal drip, like the sinus infection or the flu or the viral fever, you had to take the treatment of the same and instead of using the home-based treatment, it would be a good idea to use the proper medical attention and the doctor would most likely be giving you a nasal spray in order to ensure that the problem of bacteria is instantly removed as well and the nasal drip is stopped as well.

4. Sinus infection:
when you’re suffering from the sinus infection, the membrane which is they are in the nasal cavity gets inflamed and therefore the nose would not be able to function properly and moreover, the mucus which is they are inside the body may be interacting with the bacteria which would automatically result in bad odor.

This is one of the common causes of bad smell in nose because when you hear people complaining about the same, you would understand that it actually only happens when they are suffering from the sinus infection.

In order to detect this, you had to detect the symptoms of sinus like headache, fever, facial pain. You have to be extra careful when this is the cause because in many of the cases, sinus infection can be contagious and you can read more about this here are sinus infections contagious?

you have to immediately consult a doctor in order to reduce the inflammation of the muscles in the sinus cavity and also you have to consult a doctor for the removal of the film, as well as the mucus from inside the body as well.

The sinus infections can easily get more severe if you’re not going for the proper treatment and that is why, it is important to always seek the medical attention in such a case.

Most of the doctors would be directly recommending you the antibiotics to get it treated quickly.

5. Polyps:
very few people actually know about polyps. These are nothing but the small tumors which can easily go inside the nasal cavity as well and thus blocking the nasal passage and leading to the completion of bacteria which would then be leading to foul odor.

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The symptoms of these are pretty easy to detect like continuous running nose, no sensation on the tongue, not being able to smell, pain in the face and continuous itching around the eyes. Also, if you’re not normally snoring and if you start snoring, then this might be a symptom of the same as well.

you have to understand that this you must which are growing inside the nasal cavity can only be minimised with the help of proper medical treatment.

6. Infections:
there are many infections which can cause foul smell in nose and some of these are:


Both of these can easily produce the foul smell and therefore, you have to consult a doctor in order to train them.

7. Inflammation due to Adenoiditis:
as the name suggests, it is due to the inflammation of adenoids. The cause of this can be the completion of bacteria or the viral infection.

Also, if you’re allergic to a lot of substances and if you’re getting exposed to them, this can happen as well.

The symptoms are similar as earlier, that is the facial pain as well is the snoring and also in this case, one more symptom which is quite risky sleep apnea.

if it is in the initial stages, it can be easily keyword with the help of antibiotics but if the antibiotics are not providing any relief or even after using the antibiotics if the condition is occurring again and again, then you have no other option but to go for the surgery which would ensure that the inflammation does not happen again

Therefore, as you can see when you’re searching for the causes and treatments for bad smell in nose, these can be plenty and you have to detect it in the right way and thereafter only you can think about eliminating it.