Are yorkies hypoallergenic?

Most of us like to have a dogs as pets but a lot of people in the United States are very allergic to the dogs and due to the shedding of the skin flakes of the dog, a lot of people suffer from these allergies but that does not mean that if you’re allergic then you cannot have a dog as a pet because there are some types of dogs which are hypoallergenic.

Instead of buying any breed of dog you should be first looking at the hypoallergenic dog so that you are able to have a dog as a pet without any fear of allergies. One of the best options which you have got when you’re looking for a hypoallergenic dog is yorkies.

If you look at the most famous top 10 breed of dogs then you would find out that Yorkies are among that list each and every year. This is because these type of dogs are famous all over the United States as pets and therefore more and more people are going for these type of dogs because they are hypoallergenic as well.

If you’re suffering from any kind of energy from skin flakes of the dogs which they shed from time to time and that is why, you are not able to have a dog as a pet than you should be looking at yorkies.

Are yorkies hypoallergenic?

In most of the cases when people are suffering from allergies due to dogs these allergies would be caused because of the skin flakes which are being shipped by the dogs and normal breeds they are quite frequently and therefore the chances of an allergy occurring are very high. When you’re speaking about Yorkies the skin flakes which they shed are very limited and that is not regular as well.

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That is why whenever you are speaking about Yorkies you would realise that they do not cause allergies in their owners. That is why they are known as hypoallergenic dogs.

Basic info about Yorkies:

This breed is much smaller and also weighs much less than the other type of dogs as well and the average weight is just 7 pounds and therefore it is easier to have a pet as well.

This breed is very social and therefore you can easily make them live with the other dogs which you are having you can easily familiarise them with your other family members as well. Everyone of us likes to have a social we can play with and room our family members can also play with. Yorkies make for the perfect option.

These dogs can be trained to become guard dogs as well. Also, they have great memories and therefore you can easily train them and you can easily discipline them.

These qualities make for the perfect dog to have as a pet. When you add to all of this that this breed of dog is also hypoallergenic then it becomes an added advantage and that is why they have been regularly featuring in the top 10 breeds of dogs which people are opting for as pets all over the United States in the last few years continuously.

Grooming of Yorkies:

yorkiesIf you looked at the pic of Yorkies you would realise that they have a lot of silky hair. Due to this you how to completely keep your dog clean and you had to completely keep your dog groomed each and every day to ensure that the silk hair does not get tangled. That is why these dogs are considered as high maintenance dogs.

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If you look at the grooming schedule of these dogs you would realise that you would have to spend a considerable amount of time and attention in order to ensure that you are grooming them properly. If you do not want to personally spend that time then you can spend on a professional groomer as well.

You had to consistently look for parking and brushing your dog and bar thing can be done in a couple of times a day. You had to always take a good shampoo which is suitable for your dog to be used while batting.

Pure breed Yorkies:

If the Yorkies are crossbred then they might lose their hypoallergenic quality and therefore whenever you’re looking for Yorkies you have to always ensure that you are opting from the pure bred variety. This is the only way in which you can ensure that you are getting a dog which is hypoallergenic. You can easily go for a designer dog, but this would cost you a lot and this would consume a lot of your time as well to get the type of dog which you need.

Whenever you are buying any of the Yorkies, you have to always inquire whether they are crossbred or whether they are pure bred and once you’re sure about that then only you should be thinking of getting a dog.

There are many other types of hypoallergenic dogs as well but this is one of the cutest and the best option which you have got when you’re speaking about hypoallergenic dogs.

Lifespan of Yorkies:

The usual lifespan of Yorkies is 13-16 years and therefore during this lifespan you can easily train the Yorkies and also they are not very difficult to adapt to the surroundings as well and therefore you would not have to spend those anxious moments trying to find out whether your dog is comfortable in your home or not.

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In order to keep them healthy you should be thinking of taking them for a walk at least once during the day and also the dog would be needing some play time as well and therefore you have to look at all of these aspects and if you’re ready for these aspects and if you have the time to handle these aspects then only you should be thinking of getting one of the Yorkies.

The dog is such that it would be moving around you whenever you are in the house because it does not like to be alone and is completely social.

So, if you’re looking for a hypoallergenic dog which is social as well and which can be trained as well then Yorkies are the best option which you have got but you had to factor in some of the points which we have mentioned the boys well and then make your final decision about getting one of the Yorkies.