Are vasectomies reversible?

If you look at the options which most of the women have for birth control you would realise that there are quite a few options available but when you’re looking at the options which are available for male you would understand that the only options which are available for a male is the condom or the vasectomy.

Vasectomy is contraceptive for the males and it is like having permanent birth control pills.

The basic procedure which is followed in a vasectomy is to cut the vas deferens and if you look at the function of these tubes you would realise that they are directly responsible for adding this sperm to the semen and when these two tubes are cut you can be sure that in the semen there would be no sperms and therefore the woman would not be able to get pregnant as well. You can see that this is like permanent birth control pill.

If you ask any doctor about vasectomy they would tell you that it is actually a permanent procedure but over the years due to the large demand of men to reverse vasectomy there has been a procedure developed to reverse them which is known as vasovasostomy. Most of the men go for reversing procedure because they want to get another child due to remarriage or when they are able to afford a child.

This is actually much more complicated procedure as compared to the vasectomy and therefore not a lot of doctors would opt for this procedure.

The success rate is also not the same as vasectomy and another problem which you might have if you continue with vasectomy is that since sperm is now not considered a part of the body, the body would react to eliminate it in some cases with the help of the antibodies.

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If this is the problem which you are suffering from then you would soon realise that even reversing the vasectomy would not enable you to make your partner conceive. This is because the body would be killing the sperm thinking that it is a foreign substance in the body.

The success of reversing the vasectomy also depends on the time period which is passed since the vasectomy was conducted. With each and every passing week the probability that you would be able to successfully reverse vasectomy becomes more and more limited.

Even if you are able to reverse vasectomy the probability of making your partner conceive is much lower than it was earlier.

Vasovasostomy Procedure-the reversal of vasectomy:


If you look at the procedure of vasectomy, then you would realise that cutting the vas deferens that is the tubes which supply the sperm to the semen is actually easy in the medical terms and takes only up to 20 minutes but when you’re speaking about reversing the procedure would last for at least 2 hours sometimes going up to even 4 hours.

During the vasectomy procedure you would be free from the doctors hospital with an 1 hour of coming in. During the vasovasostomy procedure it would require an entire day because even after the 3 hours or 4 hours of the actual procedure you would have to rest so that the doctors would be able to inspect you and this would at least take 1 day.

The vas deferens are only the tubes which are unable the passage of the sperms actually developed and matured in the epididymis and if there is any blockage from that part then the procedure becomes even more complicated and you would have to 1st go for the blockage and all after which you would be able to go for the vasovasostomy and this blockage removal procedure is known as vasoepididymostomy and it takes an additional time of up to 2 hours. If you’re suffering from this problem that is the blockage problem then the ability to make your partner conceive after the reversal of the vasectomy reduces greatly.

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The basic procedure which takes place during the reversal is that there is a cut right about the cut which was done for vasectomy and the tubes are but a little further again to find out the cleaner ends which are then joined together and then the patient is stitched and he is allowed to to be sent into the monitoring the area where the person can rest.

After the person comes on the person is asked to rest for at least a week after which the person can resume the normal work. The normal time period in which the body can return to normal and in which you can resume sex is up to a month.

Cost of vasovasostomy:

As we have mentioned this is actually a much more complicated procedure as compared to vasectomy and also the time which has taken for this procedure is also more and therefore the cost of this procedure is also more. While a simple vasectomy can cost around $1000 at maximum, vasovasostomies can cost in the range of $5000 to $13,000.

As you can see these are much more expensive as compared to the vasectomy. They are not even covered by new type of insurance and therefore you would have to shell out the money yourself.

Since the reversal is a much more complicated procedure you would have go with the doctors which are very skilled with this procedure because not all of the doctors prefer doing this procedure.

Vasectomies are reversible but the procedure is neither easy neither does it guarantee success and is pretty expensive as well and therefore the decision which you are making for the reversal needs to be made very carefully.

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The best chance which you have got is to think over the decision of vasectomy in the 1st place instead of later on trying to reverse it with another procedure which is very difficult and as lower probability of success as well.

Vasovasostomies can help you out in reversing vasectomy but you had to understand the pros and cons and after that go for this procedure.