Are vape pens bad for you?

Vape pens are replacing cigarettes because most of the people are thinking that vape pens are much better as compared to actual cigarettes and the general perception is that vape pens do not have the disadvantages and the side effects of cigarettes and therefore more and more people are opting for vape pens but the question which remains is that are vape pens bad for you?

Most of the people confuse vape pens with electronic cigarettes but actually vape pens and electronic cigarettes are completely different. To find out more about vape pens you can go through our post how do vaporizers work.

When your kids are using the vape pens, you might be worried that vape pens might cause some side effects pertaining to their health but when you confront them they would tell you that vape pens are completely safe so what is the truth about vape pens?

Are vape pens bad for you?

Vape pens have been around for a reasonable period of time but they are comparatively recent as compared to normal cigarettes. We would be going into the details of vape pens to find out whether they are safe or not.

-The problem with vape pens is that they are so recent that there hasn’t been any conclusive research conducted into the safety of vape pens and therefore when your kids are mentioning that vape pens are safe that actually means that there is no conclusive research to prove that they are dangerous and therefore they are safe.

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-More and more adults are opting for vape pens because it promises to eliminate the side effects of a normal cigarette while giving the experience of a normal cigarette.

-Since the vape pens are recent, there is no conclusion that over the longer term they have produced any side effects in the people who are using vape pens on a regular basis.

The problem is that the chemicals which are used in vape pens are known to be carcinogenic under certain conditions. This is especially true when they are heated which is the case, in the case of vape pens. These ingredients are contained in the e-liquids which are used in vape pens but legally, the company which are producing the e-liquids are not mandated to disclose this information to the consumers and that is why, most of the kids who are using the vape pens do not know about the risk of these substances.

Are vape pens bad for youThe vape pens are not regulated by the FDA and therefore there is no conclusive evidence and research to ensure that they are completely safe. While some of the electronic cigarettes and vape pens claim that they can help you in quitting smoking but there is no scientific proof of the same and since they are not regulated by the FDA, there have been no tests conducted that they are safe for the longer term.

Are vape pens safe for kids?

Kids are taking to vape pens in large numbers because it promises the experience of smoking without the side effects. You might have noticed your child as well using the vape pens.

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Regarding the legal aspect of vape pens being used by kids, the law states that the vape pens cannot be sold to the kids but they can be possessed by the kids. That is why, your kids can easily get them through their friends who are of the legal age.

Are vape pens really better than cigarettes?

While most of the companies would have you believe that the vape pens are much more safer as compared to cigarettes and therefore you might prefer vape pens being used by your kids instead of the cigarettes but the truth is that over the longer term there has been no research to prove that vape pens indeed are better than the cigarettes. That is why, you need to be careful when your kid is using the vape pens.

Moreover, the market for e-liquids is not monitored at all and therefore you might not be able to know the history of the companies selling such e-liquids as well and since it is not regulated, you might not know what is the substance which is present in these liquids. The carcinogenic substances which we mentioned above are contained in these e-liquids.

The usage of vape pens by your kids is even more difficult to detect because depending on the liquid which is used in the vape pens, there would be no smell and therefore unless and until your kid actually tells you about the usage of vape pens, you would never be able to realise that your kid is actually using vape pens.

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Also, due to no fear of law or legal punishment, most of the shops which are selling vape pens, would easily sell them to minors as well and that is why, the popularity of vape pens among kids is increasing even more.

Are vape pens without nicotine and without THC still dangerous?

While these two substances are definitely more dangerous as compared to vape pens. Vape pens without these substances are still dangerous depending on the e-liquids which are being used, vape pens can certainly be quite harmful to your health. The main problem is the lack of research which is done on the usage of vape pens.

This market is entirely unregulated and therefore the technology and the liquids which are used might not be safe as well and might be containing substances which are detrimental for the health of the person who is using the vape pens in the longer term.

So, yes vape pens can be bad for you because there is no conclusive research to prove that they are safe for use over the longer term and since the market is so unregulated, there are bound to be some shady providers which are following different practices to make an extra buck by producing and selling the vape pens as well as the e-liquids to the minors, who are not legally allowed to own the vape pens.