Are ringworms contagious?

Ringworm is a very common skin disease. Most of the people associate ringworms with some kind of worm but this is not true because ringworm is actually caused because of a fungus and not because of an actual worm.

Ringworm can occur in people of all genders and all ages and therefore it is not particularly associated with a single type of victim.

In most of the cases, you would find that ringworm is actually occurring in children.

Most of the parents are very worried about ringworm, as their children might be easily affected by ringworm. This brings them to ask the question are ringworms contagious?

The reason that they keep on asking this question is because if ringworms are contagious then it is very difficult to prevent ringworms in children.

Are ringworms contagious?

Yes, ringworms are contagious because when you’re speaking about ringworms, the fungus which is causing ringworms can easily spread by touch and even by using the things which have been in direct contact with the skin of the person who is affected from ringworm.

That is why, it is very difficult to control ringworm because it can spread pretty rapidly. The problem is that ringworm can be caused in pets as well like cats and dogs. It can easily spread from cats and dogs to humans and from humans to cats and dogs as well and therefore it becomes a lot more difficult for you to control your interaction with humans as well as pets.

The reason that kids suffer more from ringworm is because they are in constant touch with other kids and some of the kids would be having a lower immunisation power as well and therefore kids are more susceptible to ringworm.

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Another problem is that when you’re using the gym which is having a lot of members or a pool or a locker room, the fungus of ringworm can spread through these venues as well.

The problem is that once you are affected by ringworm, it becomes difficult to control it because it can easily spread to different parts of the body as well and before you know it, you would be having a ringworm in at least 3 to 4 parts of your body and that is why it is important that you look into the prevention of ringworm as well as control ringworm when you’re suffering from it.

How to detect ringworm?

are ringworms contagiousIn order to control the spread of ringworm it is important to 1st understand how you can detect ringworm because only when you’re able to detect ringworm can you think about the treatment.

Ringworm, as the name suggests is characterised by a ring type marking on the skin. The skin which is in this ring and at the border of the rings is often inflamed. You would suffer from itching as well. If you itch that part of the skin and then touch some other part of the body than it is very likely that the other part of the body would also start suffering from ringworm.

There are very specific tests as well to detect ringworm in which the doctor would be taking a sample of the fungus and testing it to find out whether you are suffering from ringworm or not.

Course of action after detection of ringworm:

Once it has been confirmed that you are suffering from ringworm, the doctor would be prescribing you over the counter creams and ointments which can help you in limiting ringworm as well as curing ringworm. If you are suffering from ringworm on multiple parts of your body and if the case is severe than the doctor may also prescribe you antibiotics as well which would provide you with the quicker relief. Antibiotics are only provided when the case is very severe. You can read about the time duration for treatment of ringworm on our page how long does it take for ringworm to go away.

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How to keep away from ringworm?

As we mentioned above, ringworm is contagious and therefore the next question which might be coming into your mind is how to ensure that you do not become a victim of ringworm.

-As we mentioned above, ringworm can spread through combs or towels or even physical touch and therefore it is important to limit each of these activities and you should always be using your own combs and your own towels when you’re at public venues. Also, before using the sunbed by the poolside it is important that you cover it with your towel to ensure that even if there is any kind of fungus on the sunbed then due to the isolation between your body and the sunbed with the help of the towel you are able to keep it away from you.

-If you really want to keep away from ringworm it is important that you maintain proper personal hygiene specifically in public places. If you ensure this point you can make certain that the fungus would not get in touch with you.

-If you know a person who is suffering from ringworm, then it might be a good idea to keep away from that person for at least a few days till the person has been cured from the ringworm which was affecting them.

-If you’re using a public shower at any place than ensure that you are wearing some necessary footwear because ringworm can easily spread through the feet as well and therefore you need to always have proper sandals when you’re using the public shower.

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-If there has been some kind of physical contact like hands rubbing or something, at a public event then it is important that you wash yourselves thoroughly afterwards to eliminate the presence of fungus on your body.

So, yes ringworm is contagious but if you take some of the above few precautions which we have mentioned, the probability of ringworm occurring on your body would be very less as you would not get in contact with the fungus which causes ringworm at any point of time and even if you do get in  contact with the fungus then you can eliminate it by following the above few tips which we have mentioned to avoid ringworm.