Are peace lilies poisonous to cats?

It has been long debated that some of the plants which are nonpoisonous for human beings are actually poisonous for pets including cats and in this list the name which features at the top is peace lilies. It has been time and again proven that peace lilies are poisonous to cats.

Still most of the people are not able to detect peace lilies growing in their backyard or the peace lilies which are accessible to their cats. It is not very difficult to find out peace lilies growing in your backyard and therefore instead of ignoring this thinking that they would not be able to harm your cats, you had to proactively search whether peace lilies are growing in your backyard and if so you had to eliminate them.

Peace lilies contain calcium oxalate and because of the presence of the substance and peace lilies, if cats were to chew any part of the plant and not just the flower itself they would be suffering from problems.

While the list of problems is pretty big but two of the most common problems which cats face when they are chewing on any part of these lilies or irritation of the mouth or stomach problems.

How to identify peace lilies?

Now that you know how much harm can peace lilies cause, you should be proactive in protecting these lilies and removing them from your gardens.

Most of the people might not have seen a peace Lily till now and therefore they are not able to easily detect it. We would be mentioning some of the characteristic of peace lilies which would enable you to detect the peace lilies easily.

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Let us first start with the leaves of peace Lily plant. These are wider than average and have a shine as well and are proper green in colour. The scientific name of peace lilies is spathiphyllum and this is because of the presence of of spathes around the group of flowers.

When the flower has just blossomed it is white in colour but over a period of time the spathes which are around the flower change from white to light green.

The reason that these lilies can go on require any maintenance and they are not reliant on any particular season for blossoming and therefore if there is a peace Lily plant in your garden or in endorsers well then it would blossom all the year around.

The amount of light which is needed by the peace Lily flower is also on the lower side and therefore they can grow in shade as well and also they can grow inside the house as well.

What happens when cats chew peace lilies?

peace liliesThere is no distinct ordour from the peace Lily plant which can keep the cat’s away and therefore for the cats, it is just another plant which they can chew on and they can play with and this is where the problem arises because whenever the cats chew peace Lily there are instant symptoms in cats due to the poisonous calcium oxalate.

On chewing the peace Lily plant, this calcium oxalate is released and it directly pierces the tissues of the cats. Due to this there is instant burning sensation in cats.

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The first parts of the body of the cats which are affected are the mouth as well as the throat and you to the piercing of the crystals of calcium oxalate these get soiled as well. If the crystals managed to reach the stomach then the stomach would have problems as well and cats suffer almost instantaneously from stomach upset.

Most of the Lily plants are poisonous to cats and not just peace lilies and therefore if you have any type of presence of the Lily plants in or around your house and you have a pet cat then it might be time to actually move away the Lily plants.

Symptoms of chewing of peace lilies in cats:

The most common reaction by cats when they have chewed peace lilies is to continuously rubbed their mouth with their paws and if you’re not as their mouth as well as the tongue it would be swollen. This is due to the calcium oxalate crystals which pierced the tissues of the mouth as well as the tongue.

The upper respiratory system is also affected by the chewing of these lilies and therefore the cat might have problems in breathing as well due to the swelling of the respiratory tract. Due to the upset stomach there can be drooling or vomiting as well and also diarrhoea and in such a situation the cat would not be able to eat anything and therefore there would be a loss of appetite as well.

What to do in case your cat has chewed peace lilies?

In case you notice some of the symptoms that the cat has chewed peace lilies, then you had to instantaneously take the cat to the doctor because that alone would ensure that the cat gets proper treatment on time and it is able to offset the effects of calcium oxalate crystals which are embedded in the tissues of the cats. The vet can really help you out in such a case and ensure that the is eliminated as well.

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Whenever you are taking the cat to the vet due to the consumption of peace lilies it might be a good idea to take the plant along with you as well so that the vet can confirm that it is indeed peace lilies and not another hire poisonous variety of the Lily plant.

The treatment should start within the shortest period of time so that the beating of the cat is not disturbed which can prove to be fatal as well and therefore the time in which you detect the symptoms and start the treatment would play a very important role when you’re speaking about the treatment of consumption of peace lilies in cats.

So, yes peace lilies are poisonous for cats but you had to always stay alert and detect the symptoms in the shortest period of time to ensure that you are able to start the treatment as soon as possible and eliminate the effect of calcium oxalate crystals.