Are orchids poisonous to cats?

Most of the cat owners are actually very terrified regarding which type of plants are safe for cats and which type of plants are not safe for cats.

We all know that when cats are around they can nibble on each and everything ranging from flowers to plants to something else.

That is why, most of the cat owners are actually petrified whether each and everything in their home which the cat can reach is safe for the cats are not. We all like different types of flowers but do you know that some of the type of flowers are actually poisonous for cats.

Many of the people who have owned a cat previously as well know that they should be bringing flowers in their home pretty carefully and if they are growing the flowers in their home then they should be even more careful as well as cats like to chew on flowers and plants.

That brings us to the question are orchids poisonous to cats? As with many other type of flowers which are poisonous to cats, this question is also pretty obvious in a cat owners mind. We would be deciphering the answer to this question and discussing the answer in detail.

Are orchids poisonous to cats?

No, orchids are not poisonous to cats. There has been a lot of research into this topic and researchers have come to the conclusion that orchids are not poisonous to cats. The worst that can happen when your cat chew on the orchids is that it can get a stomach ache.

The reason for the stomach ache is that the digestive system of the cat is not designed to handle plants or flowers.

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That is why, when you were the cat is consuming orchids, it may suffer from stomach ache and the digestive system would try to take the flowers or the plants in this case the orchids out of the system by either vomiting or diarrhoea. This does not mean that the cat is in grave problem but it simply means that the digestive system of the cat is facing problems in digestive orchids.

Orchids are not poisonous to cats but that does not mean that you turn a blind eye when your cat is continuously chewing on orchids and that is why, you have to try and find a way to discourage your cat from chewing orchids. In order to do this you can attract their attention with a new toy.

Also, you had to place the orchids at such a place where your cat does not usually go and where it is not in the visible sight of your cat. If you follow this simple procedure then you can easily keep your orchids in your home and your cat would not be having any problems with the orchid as well.

orchids and catsSince, orchids can upset the stomach of a cat it is better to keep them away from the cat and to ensure that the cat is not able to reach the orchids.

Identification of orchids:

orchidIn order to ensure that you are able to keep the orchids away from the cat first you should be knowing which flowers are known as the orchids and what exactly are the orchids and for that you would have to identify the orchids. Here we would be going into the details of the orchids and we would be displaying the picture of the orchids as well to help you better understand what are orchids.

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Orchids can be in plenty of different colours ranging from purple to white to even orange. These flowers can grow in a bunch are can grow individually as well. The leaves of the plants which beer the orchid are green in colour and are just placed below the flowers in the plant.

The reason that a lot of people are having orchids in their home is because they are easy to manage because they do not require a lot of maintenance and they look beautiful in your home as well and that is why many people are actually planting and growing orchids in their home. Now that you know that orchids are not poisonous to cats, you can have your cat and you can have your orchids in their home as well.

They both would not be clashing with each other but for the sake of the health of the cat you had to ensure that you are keeping them both away from each other. There are various ways in which you can keep the orchids away from the cat.

How to keep the orchids away from your cat in the same house?

Nobody likes to get their favourite flowers chewed by the cats and therefore if you like your cat and if you like your flowers as well then it is time to think about ways in which you can keep both of them apart so that you can have both of them in your house.

If you’re growing the orchids in your own house then you had to identify some location where the cat goes the least. If you monitor the behaviour of your cat then you would be able to easily find out such rooms which are not visited by the cat.

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Also, you can block the view of the cat from the orchids as well and then it would not be able to sense the orchid.

You had to keep it at a place which is not easily accessible like on top of something or at a great height but cats are great climbers and therefore if you are keeping it at a great height then you had to also ensure that they do not have anything to climb on and to reach the orchids.

You can also grow them in your garden just outside your home instead of in your home if you have a backyard. This would ensure that it is mixed with all other flowers and therefore the chances of the cat consuming the orchids are pretty low.

So, orchids are not poisonous for cats but they can make them suffer from stomach ache and therefore it is always a better idea to keep them away from cats and in the above post we have mentioned some of the tips on how to keep the cat’s away from the orchids and how you can have both the orchids as well as the cat in your home without any kind of problem.