Are daddy Long legs poisonous?

We feel uneasy just at the name of spiders and therefore it is natural for us to ask which spider can be harmful to us and which spider is safe. Generally speaking, all type of spiders are poisonous to at least a certain extent but whether their poison works on humans or not is a different question altogether.

One of the most common type of spiders which you can come across are called daddy Long legs and these can be found sometimes in our homes as well and this brings us to our today’s question are daddy Long legs poisonous?

Most of the people think that daddy Long legs is a specific type of spider but you need to understand that their are actually a couple of different creatures or even more which can be called daddy Long legs and therefore you need to understand the difference between them before coming to the conclusion about daddy Long legs.

We have found out the answer for you and would be explaining it below.

Are daddy Long legs poisonous?

The answer to this question is yes daddy Long legs are poisonous but not for humans. The reason for this is that the mouth of the daddy Long legs is so small that it cannot bite humans and also the fangs which it uses for injecting the poison are also very small and therefore it would not be able to inject the poison in your skin. In short, daddy Long legs are poisonous but not for humans because of their small size.

As we mentioned above, there are a couple of creatures which can be called daddy Long legs. We would be describing both of these below.

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Type of creatures which are called as daddy Long legs:

Crane fly:

crane fly

This is actually a fly and not a spider. If you look into the anatomy of crane fly you would understand that it does not have any kind of poisonous parts which it can inject into the body of its victim.

These are found in the United Kingdom and are often referred to as daddy Long legs in the United Kingdom.



Opiliones is a specie of arachnids. This type of creature is also known as daddy long legs. If you look at the body of this creature, you would realise that it does not have any kind of venom. The legs for which it is famous contains nothing but sensory organs. They are harmless for humans.

The Long legs for which they are considered poisonous are nothing but the sensory organs. They usually feed on small insects and bugs like earthworms and snails. As you can see, these do not have any kind of poison and therefore these daddy’s Long legs are also not poisonous.

Cellar spiders:

Cellar spiders

These type of spiders are also known as daddy’s Long legs. These are normally found in Australia. If you look at the fangs of the spider, you would realise that they are very small and also they are not strong enough to penetrate the human skin. It has been proven, that the venom of these spiders cannot cause any harm in humans. If you look into the thickness of the human skin and if you look into the length of these fangs you would realise that they would not be able to penetrate the human skin even if inserted with full force. At the most these can cause some irritation in the skin but they are not poisonous at all.

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Are daddy Long legs poisonousEven when this type of spider uses its venom on some of the smaller insects and the bugs, then also it is not strong enough to be fatal.

Normally, humans fear each and every type of spider and creatures thinking that anyone with the Long legs and fangs is actually poisonous but this is not true because when you look at the details you would often find out that most of the poison in most of the smaller creatures is not having any affect on humans and therefore instead of thinking that each and every creature which you come across is poisonous, it is a good idea to find out in detail about these creatures and once you have done that you would be able to get the good idea about the creature.

In most of the cases, if you’re speaking about the spiders being called daddy Long legs you would find out that they hide in the corners and in the dark and some of the other spiders also prefer the dark and the moist places and therefore it is always a good idea that when you are in the wild you completely avoid such places because even though these daddy’s Long legs are not poisonous but some of the other spiders which might be lurking in these spaces might be poisonous.

That is why, it is important to know about the spider and to find out which type spider is poisonous enough for humans and which type of spider is not poisonous for humans and once you have found out about this then only it would be possible for you to make a final decision about whether the spider is dangerous for you or not. In any case, it is always important to stay away from such spiders because even though they might be not poisonous and not fatal but still they can produce some side effects in humans due to which you can feel uneasy for quite some period of time.

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So, there are quite a few creatures which are called as daddy’s Long legs as we have mentioned above but as you can see and read most of these creatures are not poisonous at all and therefore instead of worrying about each and every creature which is called daddy Long legs it is a good idea to find out more about this creatures and to find out the truth as to whether they are poisonous or not and what happens when such a creature called daddy Long legs bites you. In most of the cases, there is no reaction or adverse impact on the human body and if at all it lasts for a very less amount of time and can be treated with normal medicines as well. This makes, daddy Long legs much less poisonous as compared to some of the other creatures and some of the other spiders.