7 panel drug test

Authorities and institutions all over the world are trying to crack down on drugs because consumption of drugs on a regular basis is pretty harmful for each and every individual. That is why, there are these days options for portable drug tests as well which enable the authorities to detect the drugs in the urine of the person. Moreover, all over the world efforts are being undertaken to discourage the consumption of drugs.

Governments all over the world are taking a zero tolerance approach towards drug abuse and alcohol abuse, which makes it even more necessary to detect the drugs among people which are suspects of drug abuse.

One such test which we would be speaking about today is the 7 panel drug test. The number in front of the drug tests refers to the number of substances which can be detected by the drug test. There is also the 12 panel drug test but if you are just looking for the more common type of drugs, the 7 panel drug test is more than enough.

7 panel drug test:

The 7 drugs which this test can detect are:

1. Ecstasy and other similar drugs
2. Benzodiazepines
3. Oxycodone
4. Cocaine
5. Marijuana
6. Opiates
7. Barbiturates

These are the 7 drugs which are detected by this particular test. As you might have noticed, these are the most common 7 drugs which people consume.

Usage of the test:

The test shows as positive when the drugs are above the threshold limits which are set while manufacturing the test kit. The sample is directly in contact with the strips which are present in the test device. It enables for quick detection of the drugs in the system.
Threshold of drugs:
7 panel drug test
1. Marijuana a is shown as positive above 15 ng/mL.
2. Cocaine is shown as positive above 300 ng/mL.
3. Opiates are shown as positive above 2000 ng/mL.
4. Oxycodone are shown as positive above 100 ng/mL.
5. Ecstasy and other similar drugs are shown as positive above 1000 ng/mL.
6. Benzodiazepines are shown as positive above 300 ng/mL.
7. Barbiturates are shown as positive above 300 ng/mL.

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This is the threshold which is set by the test and this is also the legal threshold for the consumption and the detection of these drugs as well. If you are above this threshold, the test would be showing you as a positive.

Explanation of the test:

The drugs which you are consuming, are present in your urine and in the system of the body for up to 72 hours after the consumption and that is why, the urine test is one of the best options which you have got to detect these drugs as well.
Since the test is providing you with multiple drug detection options with a single test, it is widely used as well. Law enforcement agencies as well as companies all around the world are using this test to discourage employees as well as normal people from consuming drugs.

Procedure of the test:

1. Complete reading the instruction manual.
2. The kit should be sealed unless and until you open it for sample testing.
3. Fresh sample of urine is needed for testing.
4. After the sample collection, check the expiry date of the kit and if it is not past the expiry date, you can dip the wicks of the test device in the sample.
5. The wicks which are present in the test should be dipped into the sample. The duration for which these wicks are dipped should be up to 30 seconds.
6. Only the wicks of the test should be coming in contact with the sample and not any other part of the test device.
7. After the removal of the wicks from the sample, you have to keep it for up to a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 8 minutes and during this time period, you have to check the results because after this time period, the results would not be reliable.

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-If the test line is appearing in the control region but is not appearing in the test region, it indicates a positive.

-If the test line is appearing in the test region and adjacent to the name of the drug as well than the results are negative. In this, the line would be appearing in the control region as well.

-If there is no line on the control region, then the result of the test are inconclusive and should not be taken into account.

As you can see, reading the results for different drugs is pretty easy and you just need a single device and test kit in order to read the results as well thus making it easier for you to conduct the test and read the results within 10 minutes.

You need to keep in mind that before 3 minutes, inconclusive results might appear and therefore you have to wait at least 5 minutes but no longer than 8 minutes in order to determine the results of the test and in order to determine whether the result is positive or negative.

Cost of the test:
If you’re looking to purchase the test, you can easily do so online as well.

The general cost of the test is $16.90 for a single test pack and if you want to buy test pack of, it could cost you $140.

These tests can be easily ordered online and they are legal to buy as well and you do not need any prescription to buy these tests. They can be used at home as well.

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Considering the purpose for which these tests are used and the fact that 7 drugs can be detected at a time, the cost of the test is very affordable and it is reasonably priced as well and moreover, when you’re buying it in bulk, it is more affordable than ever. On the internet, you would be able to find this at even a more affordable cost then your local pharmacy, making it a wise idea to buy them on the internet instead of at your local pharmacy.

That is why, instead of shying away due to the cost, you have to always opt for this test in order to ensure that you are able to detect the drugs within time.

So, if you’re just looking for the common drug tests and if you want to use a single test instead of using multiple tests, this test is one of the best options which you have got with the help of which you can easily detect multiple drugs within 10 minutes of using the drug test.