12 panel drug test

In order to detect the different drugs, it is not necessary to use different drug tests. You can these days, use the 12 panel drug test which would help you in detecting 10 substances plus Ecstasy and other substances which are often abused like Oxymorphone, Oxycodone and Hydromorphone etc. This test is often regarded as a proof of the presence of drugs. It is a laboratory grade test and therefore is regarded as a evidence as well. This test is widely used in government institutions as well as can be bought for personal use as well to detect the presence of drugs in your system in complete privacy.

This test provides one of the most extensive list of drugs which it can detect with a single interface and with a single test. If you need a test which can almost detect all the usual drugs or substances which are used/abused by people, then this is the test to opt for.

We would be listing below the drugs which the test would help you in identifying.

1. Cocaine
2. PCP
3. Methadone
5. Oxycodone
6. Benzodiazepines
7. THC
8. Amphetamines
9. Opiates
10. Propoxyphene
11. Methamphetamines
12. Barbiturates

12 panel drug test:

The 12 panel drug test is often used in forensics in order to detect the presence of drugs in suspects as well as normal people. It provides with a irrefutable report as well which has legal acceptance as well.

Procedure of the test:

1. You have to 1st completely read the manual which comes along with the drug test.
2. You have to keep the test sealed and in closed condition unless and until you’re opening just before the test.
3. You have to collect the urine simple which is fresh in a glass breaker or in a small bottle.
4. You have to confirm the expiry date of the test and then open the test for the evaluation. You have to dip all the 12 wicks in the urine sample and ensure that no other part of the test apparatus that is dipped or comes in contact with the sample.
5. You have to check the result within 3 to 8 minutes of the tipping of the wicks in the sample and not beyond 8 minutes. This is because after 8 minutes, the colour of the results may change and therefore it becomes difficult to evaluate the actual result.

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6. You can take a picture of the test record or you can even take a photo copy just ensure that it is taken within 8 minutes of the testing being done.

Result of the test:
12 panel drug testIf a colored line appears beside the C mark that is the controlled mark, that means that the test is valid for that particular drug. The intensity of the colour of that line does not mean anything and therefore it should not be correlated with the exact presence of the drug.
If the colored line appears only in the C area that is the control area of the test card and not in the target area of the test card, that means that the result is positive for that particular drug.
If the colored line is appearing in both areas then the sample is not positive. That is the test is negative and drug is not present.

In case, the coloured line does not appear in the control area, that means that the test is inconclusive and should be discarded.

Advantages of 12 panel drug test:
The 12 panel drug test is being widely used these days because it is easy to use and also because it helps in detecting the presence of the drugs almost instantly as well. We would be highlighting some of the advantages of this test and why this test is actually become so popular.

1. Cost effective:
Since this type of test, provides you with the results of different drugs with a single test, it is actually very cost effective as well. You need not buy different test apparatus for different drugs and a single test apparatus does the job and thus saving you money.

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2. Multiple drug test:
With the help of a single test and by taking a single sample, you would be able to know the results of multiple drugs and therefore it is very easy to perform as well and, it is very easy to prove that you are not using any drugs as well.

3. Easy to use:
As we explained above, the procedure is pretty easy to use and all you need to do is to just get the sample and then the interpretation of the test as well as doing the test is pretty easy to use and it can be completed within 8 minutes as well and therefore it is not that much time consuming as well.

4. Fastest results:
Instead of doing the drug testing and then wait indefinitely for the results, this type of drug test is pretty fast to use and therefore you can be sure that you would almost instantaneously be knowing about the results of the drug testing and if you’re not using any drug, you can be free within a very short period of time as well.

5. Easy to buy:
Instead of needing various prescriptions and other such papers or documents in order to buy this test, you just need to order it from the pharmacy or you can even order it online and get it delivered to your home as well.

This ensures that it becomes even more easier for you to buy such a test as well.

6. Standard testing procedure:
The amount of drugs which would result in a positive result are prescribed by the national authorities and therefore you can be sure that the results which you would be getting from this drug test would be standard as well. This ensures that you are able to take this test as a sample as well and you are able to prove your innocence as well as the sample comes out to be negative.

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Applications of drug test:
-These type of drug test are used in workplaces as well in order to ensure that the employees which are recruited recently are not using any drugs.

-This type of drug testing is often used in forensics as well.

-This type of drug testing is often used when drugs are caught in institutions like schools and colleges as well.

-This type of drug testing is often used to detect the presence of drug in rave parties as well.

So, if you really want to make sure that you are not under the influence of any drug and need some evidence for the same as well, you can easily use the 12 panel drug test and get the results within 8 minutes and you would be able to use these results as evidence as well that you are not under the influence of any drugs and you are completely sober as well.